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Will robots replace casino dealers?

Robotic artificial intelligence instead of live dealers. Will the casino opt for technology?

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  • 2021-06-03 13:01
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Robot dealers are becoming a budget solution for casinos as live dealer salaries rise. On the other hand, this decision promises the loss of thousands of jobs around the world. Many dealers are not happy with the idea that robots will work for them.

The robotization of casinos has not yet reached the international level - you will not meet robots in every casino. However, large companies are keen to make robots part of the game. Gamingpost.net will tell you about the features of robotic dealers in casinos.

Where did robot dealers come from?

The idea of ​​creating robot dealers became the main topic of discussion at G2E (Global Gaming Expo) Asia in 2017. Future developments for casinos were demonstrated at the conference. Over the past 10 years, dealer salaries have increased by 150%. Now casino owners are looking to find a more cost-effective alternative.

Macau's gambling market was the first to introduce automated employees. But a live dealer helped the robot calculate the rates.

Several manufacturers are now experimenting with automated robotic arms. Some think that robotic dealers will attract the attention of the broader gambling market. The industry is quite ready to accept certain changes in the casino operation. But much doubt remains whether robots will ever be able to fully take the place of the human stickman.

For example, Chinese players especially enjoy the challenge of outplaying a live dealer to gain more control over their game. If the dealers were replaced by robots, the players would enjoy the games less.

Prevailing human factors

IGT Plc (International Game Technology) emphasized that live dealers play an important role in the entertainment of casino players. The human factor is still very important, which is why even online casinos with live dealers are becoming popular. A robot dealer may well deal out cards twice as fast as a human. But will it be fun for visitors to play?

Casino players want to take their time and not double the number of hands every hour. They can make a friendly joke with the dealer, and he will answer them warmly. With the advent of robot dealers, this welcoming atmosphere at the gaming table will disappear. However, artificial intelligence can achieve such a development that the conversation of a robot dealer will be close to human speech and thinking.

Is the gambling market ready for robotics?

Robotic technologies already exist in some gambling markets. But many questions remain whether casinos can fully implement this new technology. No one is still considering the complete replacement of all live dealers with an alternative to robots, but they are ready to discuss a replacement temporarily.

This means that live dealers will be present at certain times of the day, and robotic dealers will operate during quiet periods or after closing. This will help lower costs for the casino and come to a compromise with the players regarding their needs and preferences.

The future of robot dealers

Paradise Entertainment in Macau has already developed a prototype of a robot dealer. At the moment, the robot can only deal with cards, but there are talks about improving the technology - the robot will be able to recognize the faces of the players and speak several languages. The improvement will also allow the robot to play convincingly against players and pay for split pots.

Hong Kong robotics engineering company Hanson Robotics announced the creation of an interactive robot with movable facial features. The new development will improve the quality of the small talk, the robot will also be trained to laugh and congratulate the players on the victory.

Will the players be comfortable working with robotic dealers?

Most people are interested in watching robots, but they don't want to interact with them. For inexperienced players, the robot dealer will play into the hands - he will not react to their mistakes and misses the way a live dealer would.

Tech companies and casinos are unlikely to completely abandon their plans to place robotic dealers on playgrounds. But it's too early for dealers to worry about losing their jobs.

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Will robots replace casino dealers? Legal Work

Will robots replace casino dealers?

Robotic artificial intelligence instead of live dealers. Will the casino opt for technology?

  • 2021-06-03 13:01
  • 2252
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