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Exhibition "Gaming Industry". Why can't we miss it?

The best equipment manufacturers, the largest market players, experts and gambling fans. Since 1994 all those involved in the gambling business gathered annually at the exhibition “Entertainment Industry”. It took place 15 years in a row.

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  • 2021-06-01 14:37
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The exhibition quickly gained success and got into a publication of one of the most authoritative editions in the gambling business - the British magazine "InterGame". According to a survey of the publication the exhibition “Entertainment Industry" was among the best seven gambling exhibitions in the world. But in 2009 gambling in Ukraine was outlawed in a moment. Along with the legal market, the legendary exhibition also was gone. The forced pause lasted for 12 years. Today the Ukrainian gambling became legal again. So, it's time to invite the best of the best to the exhibition again. The traditional exhibition "Entertainment Industry" is now called the "Gaming Industry". Why can't we miss it?


One of the main advantages of a specialized exhibition is the possibility of communication between market representatives. The “Gaming Industry” is a chance to meet international manufacturing giants. Their names speak for themselves. For example, the general partner of the exhibition “Gaming Industry” is the “NOVOMATIC” company - the world leader in the field of gaming technologies. The sponsor is no less famous manufacturer - the British company “IGT”.

At the “Gaming Industry” exhibition companies will present equipment and software for casinos: from furniture to modern and technically up-to-date slot machines, roulettes and game panels. The expositions will be organized by more than fifty companies. The exhibitors come from 11 European countries. Among them are “Euro Games Technology” and “CT Gaming” from Bulgaria, “Gambee” and “Spintec” from Slovenia, “Merkur Gaming” from Germany, “Apex Gaming” from the Czech Republic, “Fazi” from Serbia, “CTC Holdings” from Latvia. And, of course, Ukrainian companies – “Nebula”, “Royal”, “GameBridge”, “GameMaster” and many others. And the main media partner – “Gamingpost.net” - will propagate exclusive information about the participants and the exhibition itself throughout the whole event.


Not only business, but also discussion. The process of gambling legalization raises many questions. How to obtain an equipment license? How to open a gambling house? How will the state control be carried out? How to ensure the safety of customers and business?

Experts will answer all the questions. Legislative issues can be discussed with the People's Deputy Mr. Marian Zablotsky. And the political aspect of legalization will be highlighted by the head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council Mr. Anton Kuchukhidze.

Specialized lawyers will also speak at the conference. Mr. Artem Kuzmenko, the partner of the company “ETERNA LAW”, will speak about the gambling market today. Ms. Marina Slobodnichenko, the partner of the “Kairos Group” law firm, will raise the topic concerning B2B licenses. And Mr. Alexey Gaevsky, the managing partner of the “Legard” law association, will talk about the gambling industry and sports poker.

Market representatives will raise profile questions. Mr. Lasha Shikhashvili, the representative of “EnegryCasino”, will tell about online casinos features. The representative of “OS.ECO” Mr. Alexey Prokhorenko will explain companies’ security peculiarities. CEO of “GAMZIX TECHNOLOGY” Mr. Alexander Kosogov will raise the topic of online casino games. And the owner of “Gamebridge”, Mr. Vitaly Artyukh will speak about the equipment for casinos and poker rooms. The representative of “IGT” Mr. Lasha Gogiberidze will tell the audience how to choose an ideal partner for development in Ukraine.

Well-known experts will talk about market problems and the ways to solve them. Ms. Irina Sergienko, the president of the Ukrainian Association of the Gaming Industry, will speak about main obstacles hampering the successful launch of the gambling market in Ukraine. The marketing director of “Promatic Group” Mr. Pavel Mazurek will present a study on new methods of marketing in the gambling industry. Mr. Sergey Efimenko, the president of the All-Ukrainian Federation of Sports Poker, will talk about the development of sports poker in Ukraine. The head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Employers in the Leisure and Entertainment Industry Mr. Igor Makievsky will raise the issue of taxation in the gambling business. And Mr. Igor Romanyuk, the publisher of “Azart” and “Grand Ante” magazines, will tell about advertising for gambling and sports poker.


It is important that discussions of global issues of the entire industry take place in comfort. That is why the organizers of the exhibition have chosen the International Exhibition Center - the largest exhibition premises in Ukraine. It is the very place where Eurovision was held in 2017. IEC is located 15 minutes’ drive from the center of Kyiv and within walking distance from the metro station "Livoberezhna".

The exhibition “Gaming Industry” will occupy the first pavilion of the International Exhibition Center which is located at Brovarsky Prospect, 15. One will be able to see novelties in the world of gambling, get answers from experts and communicate with world industry leaders for three days - from June 9 to 11, 2021.

Tickets are still on sale!


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