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The loudest casino robberies

In Hollywood movies, burglars break into casinos with the highest degree of defense. And at the end of the film, they usually succeed in their criminal intent. In real life, things are a little different - not so colorful. However, some scammers still decide to try themselves as casino robbers and swindlers. And some of them even manage to escape punishment. Gamingpost.net presents a ranking of the most famous and high-profile robberies in casino history.

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Crown Casino scam

The largest sum in history was stolen from a Crown casino in 2013 - $32 million. The scheme involved two accomplices. For a certain time, they monitored the casino, exchanged information. They soon succeeded in devising a plan for theft.

Most casino scams involve internal staff. One of the scammers worked as a casino security operator. He watched the cameras above the tables and relayed information to one of the players. He made the appropriate bets, which turned out to be winning. The swindlers divided the money equally.

For a while, they successfully ran the scam. But in the end, the fraud was exposed. The player's regular and accurate winnings began to raise suspicions among the dealer. The fraudsters were lucky and they escaped legal action. The casino recovered most of the money.

Robbery Circus Circus

Circus Circus

The Las Vegas Circus Circus robbery is considered the largest casino robbery of the late 20th century. Each casino carefully selects its staff. Despite this, casino robberies are often associated with employees. As in book novels, the robbery was carried out by two lovers.

Heather Tolchief worked as an armored personnel carrier driver. Every week she sent money from Circus Circus to the bank. But one day at the end of her shift, she just drove away with her truck and cargo - $3 million.

Together with her partner, Heather fled to the Netherlands. They lived there for about 12 years. The police were never able to find them. In 2005, the woman herself turned to the authorities and surrendered. She explained that she would like to live a normal life. If the girl had not declared herself, she probably would not have been caught. To date, her accomplice in the crime remains at large.

The Bill Brennan Robbery

Stardust Casino

Bill Brennan has not been seen since leaving Stardust Casino in 1992 with a trophy of cash and chips. Bill Brennan's case is a great example of a casino robbery. The robbery turned out to be incredibly successful. Even many more complex schemes have failed.

Bill Brennan was a dedicated casino employee. He worked for several years as a cashier at Stardust in Las Vegas. None of the staff could have foreseen that Brennan was about to commit one of the simplest and most spectacular casino robberies he had ever seen. The Brennan case is a major heist, but not the largest. The theft amounted to $500,000. No one will know if Brennan acted on impulse or planned. But one day at the end of his shift, he just quit his job with money and chips. Brennan never returned to work and has not been seen or heard of since. Even today he remains on the FBI's wanted list.

Robbery of the Soboba casino

Soboba casino

The Casino Soboba robbery happened in 2007. Two men stole $1.5 million from under the noses of the staff. One of them worked as a security officer at a casino. Rolando Luda Ramos, 27, later said he was inspired by the plot of Ocean's Eleven.

Ramos worked in a casino - installed CCTV cameras, so the staff knew him well. On the day of the robbery, Ramos tied up three casino employees in the surveillance room and gagged them, according to investigator Tim Judge. He even sprayed one of them with pepper spray. Two guards then escorted Ramos to the casino vault. They thought he had come to fix the surveillance equipment. Instead, Ramos pulled out a pistol and held the guards and five officers at gunpoint. Then he filled his travel bag with cash and left the casino.

The man was arrested two days after being robbed at a hotel near Los Angeles International Airport. Ramos was detained for robbery by force. He looked surprised but not disappointed with the media attention he was getting.

Ramos turned in his accomplice and casino employee Eric Alan Aguilera. At 23, he became the "brain" of a robbery.

After investigation, almost all the stolen money was returned to the casino.

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