Working in the field of gambling: report from the Casino Job Fair conference

How to find a job in the gambling business is the main issue of the Casino Job Fair conference. Big company reps and recruiters share tips on how to stay on top of job interviews and join professional teams. General Manager of Talentgrator Marina Zapolskaya says that the conference was attended by applicants who are interested in working in land-based casinos.

“Now candidates are interested in how to enter the industry if they have no experience. Taking this opportunity, I would like to tell potential employers - not to be afraid of people from related industries. It's great to attract people from finance, insurance, fintech, and the banking sector. All employers want a person with experience from the industry, but now there is such a struggle, such a competition that some talent in the field of recruiting, marketing, a completely different industry can sit, and you do not consider it just because you want experience in an online casino. Give other candidates a chance to show themselves too,” - says Marina Zapolskaya, General Manager of Talentgrator.

There are no problems with candidates - says Maria Atrasevich, HR manager of Vbet Ukraine. The company is looking for specialists in the field of betting.

“This is marketing, this is customer care, this is risk management, verification. Direct directions of activity of the bookmaker company. We are actively expanding the team, so we are constantly searching. I cannot say that we have difficulties globally. The brand is quite well-known, and those people who have been working in the field for a long time, know about the company and apply themselves, write on LinkedIn,” - says Maria Atrasevich, HR manager at Vbet Ukraine.

Companies are actively looking for specialists from related industries - designers, sales account managers, says Marina Zapolskaya.

“IT rules anyway. Of course, the demand for developers does not fall, and probably will never fall. I recently faced the closure of the SMM lead vacancy, the person who will be responsible for all the policies that the company will broadcast through social networks. And I want to say that it is very difficult. It is very difficult to find good SEO specialists. There is a separate request block for companies that are just preparing for registration, for licensing - this is a request for managers. We are approached not only by Ukrainian companies but also by business owners around the world,” - says Marina Zapolskaya, General Manager of Talentgrator.

And one of the main problems recruiters call the absence of a new classifier of professions. What narrow specialists do is simply not spelled out in official documents.

“This is a very big difficulty. We have fully official employment. When we try to find a name in the classifier of professions that would correspond to a person's position, for example, head of risk management or a verification specialist, it can be very difficult. We have to look for alternatives from the banking sector that have something in common. The fact that the classifier of professions has not been updated for a long time creates difficulties in the design of people. But in fact, the position may sound one at a time, but within the company, we understand what exactly the person does,” - says Maria Atrasevich, HR manager at Vbet Ukraine.

Together with the classifier of professions, it is important to change the rules for the legalization of foreign employees, says Marina Zapolskaya. Because of the difficulties, companies often refuse to hire foreign specialists, and it takes a lot of time to train their own in Ukraine.

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