"Without changes in taxation, the gambling business will not work." Results of the second day of the "Gaming Industry" exhibition

Foreign manufacturers of gambling equipment present their best equipment.

“WinSystems presents 3 product lines in Ukraine. The first is electronic roulettes. This equipment is important for a casino operator because it can work 24 hours a day without a croupier. This roulette wheel is one of our best offers. We also have slots for casinos and gambling halls with a huge library of games. In addition, we offer our casino management system,” - says Oskar Giralt, director of corporate marketing at WinSystems.

Modern technologies and new games - guests of the Gaming Industry exhibition try demo machines at each stand.

"There are a lot of diverse guests, we are glad to everyone, we communicate with everyone. They are interested in new games, new solutions, for example, we have new jackpots, new products. They find our games that they already know," - says Alexander Moor, Development Director of Merkur Gaming.

For 12 years of the ban on gambling in Ukraine - technical progress has given a sharp leap. Now everything that is already successful in Europe is presented in Ukraine.

"After such a long pause, almost everything that CT Gaming presents is everything new. A new modern product that is adapted to today's market. Slot machines, we also have a management system for the casino. We also offer the game" Megajack 2020 ". This is a continuation very popular game. Its jackpot concept contains more than 15 different jackpots ", - says CT Gaming Development Director Dimitar Muchowski.

Guests and potential market operators walk around the stands of international companies. In addition to technology, they are looking for expert answers to questions.

"Without answers, concrete and understandable, the market will not work. We are all looking forward to clarifications on taxation, on understanding what a win is, how it will be considered, without which it is very problematic to start a business," - says the guest of the exhibition Elena.

Representatives of the authorities are also at the Gaming Industry. People's Deputy Maryan Zablotskiy says - he came to see with his own eyes what exactly awaits Ukraine in new modern and legal casinos.

"Now technology has made a big leap forward. I see how attractive modern machines will be for players. I study what they mean and what we will regulate. Winning tax is the biggest and probably the only problem that we have now - it is necessary I submitted bills that exempt the winnings from taxation, but now I see that this is not enough," - says the people's deputy Marian Zablotsky.

But the tax on winnings isn't the only problem, market officials say. The topic of taxation for the gambling market was raised at the conference by the head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Employers in the Recreation and Entertainment Industry Igor Makievsky.

"To this day, the current norm gives double taxation. It is spelled out that there is an income tax. And when you pay income tax, the income tax that you paid does not reduce the income tax base. That is when you calculate the income tax, profit, then the state believes that the amount you paid for income remained in your pocket. And it is taxed for the second time in the form of a tax on winnings," - says Igor Makievsky, head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Employers in the Leisure and Entertainment Industry.

These are the issues that worry the market - say in the consulting company Captain Slot Consulting.

“Everyone is interested in questions - where to get equipment, where is cheaper, on what conditions, how to work, what taxation, in which premises it is better to be located, what kind of marketing,” - says Anatoly Zhak, director of Captain Slot Consulting.

Representatives of the regulator promise to answer business questions tomorrow. On the third day of the Gaming Industry exhibition, a round table will be held with the head of KRAIL Ivan Rudy. The beginning is at 11.00.

The report especially for Gamingpost.net.

Earlier, Gamingpost.net spoke about the first day of the "Gaming Industry" exhibition.

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The Gaming Industry exhibition is in full swing. While new market players get to know manufacturers and operators, the market is looking for answers to the main business questions. One of the main ones is how to tax gambling. Gamingpost.net collected the opinions of the exhibitors.
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