Which Ukrainian hotels will open casinos and gambling halls?

A building permit is one of the documents required to open a casino or gambling hall in a hotel. It must be received by the owner of the premises where the hotel is located. With this permission, the operator of the land-based gambling business applies for a gambling license.

In order to obtain permission, the owner needs to submit documents of title, a certificate of establishing the hotel category and a technical passport for the premises.


In total, 18 hotels from Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Rovno and Bila Tserkva applied to KRAIL for permission. Only 11 hotels received permits. Three hotels got the paperwork correct only for the second time. These are the capital hotels "Rus", "Tourist" and "Lybid".


Refusals were received by 10 hotels. But three of them were able to correct the package of documents, and KRAIL reconsidered its decision.

The luxury hotels in the capital have not received approval: Fairmont Grand Hotel, Hotel Premier Palace and InterContinental. The reason for the refusal to the Fairmont hotel in the incorrectly executed documents - the title deeds for the property were not submitted and the technical passport was incorrectly executed. The Premier Palace Hotel has expired its 5-star certification and its technical passport has been incorrectly issued. The InterContinental hotel has the same problem - KRAIL was unable to establish the dimensions of the premises according to the submitted technical passport.

The capital hotels "Verkhovyna" and "Bratislava" also received a refusal on permission for the premises. The owners of "Bratislava" did not submit a title deed for the premises, and in the technical passport the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling did not see the premises necessary for gambling. The hotel "Verkhovyna" also has a problem with the technical passport of the premises.

"Intourist" hotel in Zaporozhye did not submit a certified technical passport of the premises for consideration. KRAIL refused to consider the application for the hotel.

Lviv “Premier Hotel Dnister” incorrectly certified the technical passport and submitted documents without the words “according to the original”. And also did not submit documents on establishing the star rating to the hotel. The commission refused to issue a permit for the premises.


11 hotels received permits for the premises. This means that gambling operators can already collect a package of documents and apply for a license to conduct gambling. Where might a casino or gambling hall appear?


1) Hotel «Lybid»

Hotel "Libid" has received permission for a slot machine room or a bookmaker's office. They will be located on the first floor and in the basement of the hotel;

2) Hotel "Rus"

Hotel "Rus" will be able to locate a slot machine room or a bookmaker's office in the basement;

3) Hotel "Tourist"

In the "Tourist" hotel you can play slot machines or place a bet on the first and second floors;

4) Hotel "Opera"

Hotel "Opera" will offer its guests to play on the second and third floors. Here you can place a bet at a bookmaker's office or play slot machines.


City Park Hotel

The 4-star City Park Hotel in Bila Tserkva can accommodate slot machines or a betting shop. KRAIL has determined that the basement of the hotel is suitable for this.


Hotel "France"

The 4-star hotel "France" in Vinnitsa has allocated an entire first floor for a gambling hall or a bookmaker's office. The total area is over 1000 square meters.


Hotel "Ukraine"

Hotel "Ukraine" in Rivne can open a slot machine room or a bookmaker's office on the second floor.


1) Hotel "Lviv"

Hotel "Lviv" received permission to open a slot machine room or a bookmaker's office on the first floor.

2) «Grand Hotel Lviv»

The 5-star hotel "Grand Hotel Lviv" will be able to offer not only to place a bet or play slot machines, but also to visit the casino. The Gambling Regulatory Commission has determined that the hotel's second floor is suitable for opening a casino hall.


Hotel "Gagarinn"

Hotel "Gagarinn" has allocated two floors for gambling. The total area of ​​the premises is over 4200 square meters. KRAIL gave permission to organize a casino hall, slot machines and a bookmaker's office in the hotel.


Hotel "Kharkov"

The hotel "Kharkov" can open slot machines or a bookmaker's office. For this, the hotel has allocated the first floor of the building.


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