“We have prepared in advance”, - Winsystems about entering the Ukrainian gambling market

Oscar, which countries are Winsystems' main clients?

Our main market is America, especially Latin America. Also Mexico, Panama, Peru, Colombia. Our systems operate in more than 20 countries around the world, including European countries, including some African countries. We've expanded quite a bit. In fact, our casino management system has only 10 years of history. But in 10 years we have been ranked among the top 4 in casino management systems in the world. This is due to our flexibility and ability to adapt to each specific market, even taking into account specific customer requirements. It's really safe, really reliable. So we pride ourselves on retaining all of our clients. This may mean that we are doing something good.

Why are you interested in the Ukrainian gambling market?

Before the closure, the Ukrainian market was one of the main in Eastern Europe. We know this market very well. Before the ban on the gambling business in 2009, we supplied our equipment, for example, the gold club roulettes, which were popular in Ukraine. So the news about the legalization of the gambling business was really very good for us. The Ukrainian market is potentially very large. We are happy that gambling will be legalized again and are definitely ready to offer our products and our solutions to Ukrainian casinos. Until 2009, the Ukrainian market was one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Of course, we cannot predict exactly how it will develop. But many Ukrainian players are already familiar with this kind of entertainment as a casino, and this is good. We hope that the Ukrainian market will again become the largest, and we see no reason why it will not be able to become so.

How can you assess Ukrainian legislation? Compared to the jurisdictions of your clients around the world, is the law simpler or more complex?

Everything that we know about Ukrainian legislation suits us so far. Regulation and legal framework sets the rules of the game. We just need to adapt. This is what we do all over the world. We have no problem studying the details of any laws and regulations around the world. So, as far as we have seen, everything looks normal in the Ukrainian regulation. It looks quite complete, which is always good, because it is necessary to clearly define the framework and rules of the game. In fact, the legislation will determine how the Ukrainian market will work. One of the good things about Ukrainian law is that it is clear, well-defined. I can imagine that Ukrainian operators can see nuances and difficulties in it. But for us the main thing is clarity, we must understand what exactly to do. Understand the environment, the structure of the system that we need to design. Therefore, I cannot say that the Ukrainian law is more difficult or easier for us than any other. So we don't see big risks yet. We hope that the Ukrainian government will complete all aspects of the legalization process. At the same time, I don't even know what needs to happen for our company to refuse to enter the Ukrainian market. We are just waiting for the process to start working in full force and are ready to provide our services. We try not to waste too much energy deciding how fair or unjust the law is. We need a simple understanding of how the market works and what we need to do. As a supplier, we just need to ensure that our product and our solutions comply with the legal requirements.

What exactly do you pay attention to in the legislation of the country in which you are going to work? What are the most important nuances?

We study the legislation in detail before installing the casino management system. After all, it includes all reports, environment, all contacts with reporting to the government. And we do a lot of work to make sure that our system is doing everything right and complying with the law. This needs to be done quickly, but we are already used to it. We operate in more than 20 countries around the world, which means we need to adapt to 20 different laws and comply with 20 different regulatory conditions. So this is what we are used to. In addition, in terms of setting up slot machines, of course, you need to make sure that the proposal complies with all aspects of the law. Therefore, we pay attention precisely to these details in the law of specific countries, and have already studied the Ukrainian law.

Is Winsystems ready to enter the Ukrainian market? Or are you waiting for the authorities to adjust the legal framework?

First, we make sure that our systems can provide what the market needs. Also, we have already found a local partner, a local distributor of our slot machines. Our slot machines will be distributed through a local company. We can provide on-site maintenance for both systems and slot machines. Now we are talking with operators and studying the size of the market. The work is in progress. Well, actually, our top management has already of course visited Ukraine. We'll be ready to go in a few weeks. We have prepared in advance so that by the time operators of land-based casinos and gambling halls begin to obtain licenses - to offer them solutions and equipment. So if that happens in a month, we're ready. If this happens in three months, we are also ready.

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