UPEA presented a strategy for the development of the national eSports industry for 5 years

The Ukrainian Association of Professional Cybersport plans to attract $100 million of investments, $42 million of which will be directed to the development of an e-sports project based on the “Dnipro” Hotel, and $20 million will be invested in the reconstruction of the building.

Chairman of the Board of UPEA and founder of Natus Vincere Alexander Kokhanovsky said at the presentation of the strategy:

"Ukraine has sufficient resources to take a place among the five global leaders in the eSports sector. For this, the country needs to create a functioning digital sports ecosystem, what the team will be doing in the next 5 years."

In addition to the commercial initiative, the team will also focus on educational and social projects related to eSports. Representatives of the association plan to work with educational institutions and officially introduce a program of general and advanced study of the industry. In the future, it is also planned to open narrow-profile academies for professional players. The organization wants to involve people with disabilities, combatants, as well as retirees in educational programs.

By 2025, the association undertakes to bring the Ukrainian eSports industry to the top in demanded disciplines, attract more than 2 thousand new professional and semi-professional players to the sector, and also wants to hold 12 international eSports competitions every year. The association's team is already working to expand the audience of spectators and fans.

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