UNICEF teamed up with the esports Association to share how to protect children in online games

The press service of UPEA says: the protection of children's rights in e-sports is gaining popularity. In connection with the quarantine, children have begun to play online games more often. The organization predicts that esports events in 2020 will bring together 495 million participants, including young people.

The UN Children's Fund supports the idea of ​​creating councils in the game industry. Game developers, publishers, eSports platforms, and streaming services will benefit from these tips. Lotta Silvander, head of the UNICEF office in Ukraine, says:

“The recommendations are based on the UNICEF global document. We adapted it to local regulations with the help of key market players."

UPEA Chairman of the Board Alexander Kokhanovsky states:

“As the esports industry, we feel our responsibility to keep kids safe online. The organization believes these guidelines will help make e-sports safer for children."

The Ukrainian professional esports association raised several important issues: the duration of the game, age restrictions, blocking unwanted communication, commercial influence on children.

UNICEF and UPEA are also discussing toxic environments in games. Game creators are encouraged to develop the ability to disable or block unwanted users. It also encourages the community to consider the impact on players under the age of 18 regarding the processing of personal data.

Together, the organizations plan to study the behavior of Ukrainian teenagers in online games. And develop tips for parents on how to talk to children about online games and use them for personal development of the child.

The gaming news portal gamingpost.net previously wrote about UPEA's plans to develop the national esports industry for 5 years.

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