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Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020: about postponing the exhibition until November 26-27 and security measures at the event

By the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers, to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine, the adaptive quarantine was extended until October 31, 2020. As a preventive measure, the government imposed a ban on foreigners from entering the country between 28 August and 28 September
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For Smile-Expo, which organizes a large-scale exhibition Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020, it is important that visitors, exhibitors, speakers, event sponsors and media representatives could easily get to the event, regardless of which country they live in. Therefore, in order to ensure unhindered access to the event and organize high-quality networking, it was decided to postpone UGW 2020.

New dates for the event: November 26-27, 2020.

By postponing the event to a later date, the organizing team will be able to gather both Ukrainian and foreign representatives of the gambling market on one site, as well as create the most comfortable conditions for communication and establishing business contacts.

About security measures at the event

In order to protect participants and guests of the event from contracting coronavirus, at UGW 2020, all requirements of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine will be met, aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Among the preventive measures: mask regime, adherence to social distancing rules, temperature screening, disinfection of premises, individual dishes for each visitor, the presence of antiseptics in all zones.

About UGW 2020

Ukrainian Gaming Week 2020 will include an exhibition, conference, open lecture hall, UGW Awards and a party. The event is expected to include 100 participants and 3000 visitors.

The exhibitors will be furniture and equipment suppliers, software developers, CPA networks, banks, marketing, legal companies, etc. They will present products and services for the gambling industry. On November 27, an open lecture hall will be held on the territory of the exhibition, where they will consider working cases, present new products and give away gifts.

On November 26, at UGW 2020, a conference will be held, where Ukrainian and foreign experts will analyze the intricacies of the new legislation, consider promising directions for gambling activities and discuss the future of the industry.

The first day of the event will end with an enchanting private party where the UGW Awards winners will be awarded. The awards will be received by representatives of the gambling industry who have achieved the greatest success in their work. The laureates of the competition will be determined according to the UGW version.

Organizer and venue of the event

UGW 2020 is organized by the international company Smile-Expo, which specializes in holding events dedicated to innovations.

The event will take place on November 26-27 at the Kiev IEC. The exhibition and lecture hall will be held in pavilion 4-B, and the conference - in pavilion 3-A.

Program and details of the event - ugw.com.ua




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