Ukraine is among several countries where gambling business is legalized. Who is next?

More and more countries are working on the process of gambling business legalizing. In Ukraine, the corresponding bill was accepted last year. The government plans to receive 7.5 billion hryvnas from the sale of gambling licenses. To use these funds, a special fund was created to support medicine, sports, education, culture and science of Ukraine.

In addition to Ukraine, an active campaign on the gambling legalization was launched in the Netherlands. The authorities recently passed a bill that will regulate gambling, including online one. It should come into force in the fall of 2021. The plans of the country's government to issue licenses back in 2020 were destroyed by a pandemic. Further, the market launch was postponed to March 2021. But the quarantine continued and the date had to be postponed again.

Also in Australia they plan to pass a law to regulate the gambling market. The government is confident that the new revenue line will help the country recover from the losses from COVID-19. The Prime Minister of Thailand is also determined to discuss the legalization of the gambling market in the country. Note that earlier he was categorically against the relevant bills.

The gambling business portal monitors the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine. Read the latest news: “We have prepared in advance”, - Winsystems about entering the Ukrainian gambling market

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