The trio of Safe Gambling Support Organizations Launch #TalkBanStop Campaign

The #TalkBanStop campaign will launch this spring. It will focus on engaging the British public in controlling their gambling spending and using the help desk to obtain professional advice on these issues.

GamCare, GamBan and GAMSTOP will jointly promote gambling security services. The trio emphasized that their main goal is "to help players at risk start their journey to recovery."

The #TalkBanStop campaign is divided into three areas. The first “Talk” element will promote GamCare's 24/7 toll-free telephone service. Vulnerable gamblers will have access to gambling damage information from trained advisors.

The “Ban” element promotes Gamban's “blocking software”. Users can download the system to any device to block access to all online gambling websites.

The “Stop” direction raises awareness of the GAMSTOP self-exclusion program. The program prohibits users from any interaction with gambling operators, including accessing websites, creating new accounts, and receiving marketing messages.

“We know that isolation has been an ordeal for many people,” - the organizations noted. - “To help people who are trying to control their gambling addiction, our new campaign encourages people to make the most of TalkBanStop's free tools and support.”

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