"They create a commission, but in Ukraine, each commission is a feeder", - Mikhail Saakashvili on the legalization of the gambling business

The bill on the legalization of the gambling business was to be submitted for consideration in the second reading on May 21. Dmitry Razumkov said that technically they do not have time to include this law in the list for consideration on Thursday, but next week the bill will still be considered.

On Monday, May 25, the head of the executive committee of the National Council of Reforms under the President Mikhail Saakashvili gave an interview live on the Ukraine-24 TV channel, during which he answered several questions regarding this bill.

Saakashvili is confident that the gambling business needs to be legalized. Indeed, since its ban in 2009, the state has lost at least $50 billion. Now, according to experts, this type of business can bring to the state treasury up to $500 million a year. However, only on condition that the bill is not drafted in favor of "government feeders", but is transparent and modern for launching the market and maintaining business.

"According to the bill that has now entered parliament, the state will receive $30-40 million, and the rest will be redistributed to different groups for feeding. How? They are now creating a commission as usual. Every commission that exists in Ukraine is corrupt, every commission is a feeder. I brought this to the president, and his first reaction was "Stop immediately! Make changes instantly."

Also, the head of the executive committee of the National Council of Reforms stated that despite the fact that there is a procedure for adopting the law and it has already been adopted in the first reading, this text of the bill will not exist. The "freebie" for lobbying activities is over. The President will not allow the creation of a corruption scandal around this bill, to which the process of legalization of gambling is now leading.

"Here is a clear example of how the state is being fought. This is not happening in dark offices. They just bring the law and that's it."

Today Saakashvili held an online meeting with David Arakhamia, Danil Getmantsev and other representatives of parliament and business to talk about the acception of the gambling law. At this meeting, he once again emphasized the importance of the law and focused on the fact that everything should be as simple and transparent as possible. This is the main guarantee of successful reforms!

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