Taxes and licenses for casinos in the countries around the world: in comparison with Ukraine

People's Deputies of Ukraine will vote for bill 2713-d in the second reading in the fall. Now the document is being finalized by the relevant committee. The main objective of the bill is to equalize GGR tax rates for all market participants to 10%, to abolish the triple license fee for online casino operators and bookmakers. And also set a threshold for winnings, which is not taxed.

The deputies decided: the GGR rate for all types of activities should be 10%. If the winnings in a casino, slot hall, online casino or bookmaker's office exceed $1700, the player pays a tax of 19.5%. But the prices for licenses, even taking into account the abolition of triple royalties, remain one of the highest in the world. From 222 thousand dollars for online poker to over 2.5 million dollars for a casino in Kyiv. What about taxes and licenses in the world?


France has some of the highest GGR rates in the world. For land-based casinos, the tax is 83.5%. The rate on horse racing is different - 37.7%. Online poker will have to pay 40.8%. The situation with the tax on winnings in France is similar to that in Ukraine. If the winnings are higher than 1,500 euros, you will have to pay tax, however, less than in Ukraine. The tax will be 12%. But a license for a casino in France will cost 20,000 euros for 5 years. One year is equal to 4000 euros. Compared to the cost of a license for a casino in Kyiv, Ukraine, the license is almost 700 times more expensive.


Luxembourg has only one authorized and regulated casino - Casino 2000 Montdorf. But according to the law, anyone can obtain a license to organize and conduct gambling. To do this, you need to go through a serious test. If the State Council decides to issue a license, the operator will not have to pay for it. But taxes are high here. If the casino's income is less than 45 thousand euros, the tax rate will be 10%. And if you manage to earn more than 8.1 million euros, 80% will have to be paid in the form of tax. But there is no tax on winnings in Luxembourg.


If the income of a casino in Denmark exceeds 612 thousand dollars, then the tax will be 75%. If the casino earns less, the tax rate will almost half: to 45%. The cost of a license in the country will cost from 37 thousand euros. This is 6 times less than the cheapest license in Ukraine. There is also no tax on winnings in Denmark.


In Australia, the GGR rate varies by state. For example, the tax rate for lotteries is up to 65%. But slot machines pay about 25% of the tax. A license to conduct gambling in Australia costs the same as a license for a slot machine hall in Ukraine. But to open a casino in Kyiv will cost 8 times more than in Australia. There is no tax on winnings in the country.


Each state in the United States has its own gambling laws. The highest GGR rates are in Rhode Island, where they reach 51%. But, for example, in the state of Washington and Colorado the tax rate is 10% - this is the same as they plan to introduce in Ukraine. The U.S. tax on winnings averages 25%. And the cost of a license is usually calculated based on the income of the institution and the amount of gaming equipment.


In the UK, the tax is based on casino income. If the income is less than £2,370,500, the tax will be 15%. The higher the income, the higher the tax. The rate goes up to 50%. There is no tax on winnings in the UK. And to open a gambling establishment will cost from 9 thousand euros. This is almost 37 times more than the opening of a slot machine hall in Ukraine.


In Austria, online casinos pay more than land-based ones. For online, the GGR rate is 40% and land-based casinos pay 30%. There is no tax on winnings. And a license can be bought for 100 thousand euros. You will have to pay 26 times more for a casino in Kyiv.


In Spain, the GGR rate is twice as high as planned in Ukraine. At the same time, it will cost almost 7 times more to open a gambling hall in Ukraine.


Kenyan casinos pay 15% GGR. And you can open a gambling establishment here for 44 thousand dollars. This is 60 times cheaper than a casino license in the capital of Ukraine.

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