Swiss man hits record EuroMillions jackpot

The EuroMillions lottery has been offering huge jackpots for 17 years. Tickets for this lottery can now be purchased in six countries of the European Union, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

A couple of months ago, a lucky Frenchman hit the maximum EuroMillions jackpot of €200 million.

A new record for winnings belongs to the Swiss. He surpassed the previous lucky winner and became the owner of the new record the largest win in EuroMillions history - 210 million euros.

Since the inception of EuroMillions, the jackpot has been reported to have been won by 111 Britons, 110 French, and 109 Spanish residents. Portugal is in 4th place according to the statistics of the number of winnings - 78 people, while Switzerland is in 5th place. There are 23 lucky ticket holders in this country.

The chances of hitting a big jackpot in the EuroMillions lottery are about 1 in 139 million.

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