The strangest lottery prizes

The lottery is considered one of the oldest games known to mankind. Its prototype was invented before our era.

Lottery fees in Ancient China were used to build the Great Wall of China. The lottery principle became the basis of Athenian democracy - it was the first electoral system.

Nowadays, state issues are not solved with the help of the lottery. But it's very easy to try your luck and get unusual prizes. has compiled a list of the strangest lottery prizes in the world.

Rare beer from California

Imagine a beer so good that you're willing to pay a fortune to try it again. Sometimes premium beer is brewed in small batches and getting it is an impossible mission, no matter how much you are willing to pay. One of the rarest beers in the world is Citra Double IPA, a very limited edition beer from the Kern River brewery in California.

Due to the very high demand, Kern River Brewery decided to open a beer lottery. The buyer needs to register on the site, and he will be entitled to buy up to 6 bottles of beer. One bottle costs $ 54. For a pack of six, you will have to pay $ 324. In addition, beer is not delivered, so the purchase must be picked up personally - at a brewery in the mountains. It takes about two hours to get there.

Bacon lottery ticket

Sounds like Homer Simpson invented it - a bacon-flavored scratch card. But this is not a joke.

Bringing Home Bacon is the brainchild of the Indiana State Lottery. The scratch card not only emits a bacon flavor, but it can also bring lucky winners $ 10,000. In addition to money, there is an opportunity to win a 20-year supply of bacon.

Love lottery

The Sex Lottery is the brainchild of the dating site Forget Dinner. It was launched in the UK in 2014. The main prize in the lottery is a fully paid night in a posh hotel with a dance pole and mirrored ceilings.

The main thing is not to break

In Stockholm, the authorities have found an original way to combat speeding on the roads.

CCTV cameras do not just take off the license plates of violators but take pictures of all drivers. Those who drive according to the rules with a permitted speed automatically become participants in the lottery. The prize is the sum of the fines of all speed limit violators. This initiative helped to reduce speeding incidents by 22%.

Save your receipts

The Polish government is urging people to keep receipts. For this, the country has introduced the so-called “lottery of receipts”. The main goal is to promote business transparency and compliance with accounting requirements.

The player needs to register his account in the amount of at least ten Polish zlotys, and he will have a chance to win prizes. In addition to money, the lottery offers cars, electronics, laptops and tablets. The main condition is to keep the receipt of payment.

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