Sports lottery in the NBA: essence and features

Each year, the NBA holds a lottery to determine the order of picks in the NBA Draft. The draw will be attended by 14 teams that did not make the playoffs. NBA Draft Lottery odds are based on the number of wins and losses of the participating teams. Each of the three worst-performing teams will have a 14% chance of winning the lottery.

14 numbered ping-pong balls are thrown into the lottery drum. During the drawing, 4 out of 14 balls are drawn from the lottery drum, from which the combination is formed. The team that has this combination will receive the first number in the draft, and so on.

Before the rally, combinations are assigned to all participating teams. Out of 14 numbers, a total of 1001 combinations can be made. The number of combinations per team depends on the number of wins and losses in the season. In addition, the team with the worst overall score will drop at least 5th in the draft.

After the draw is over, the results will be sealed in envelopes and presented at an ESPN event. Team representatives will join the event virtually.

Why is there a draft lottery in the NBA?

Many talented players are appearing in the NBA Draft. The teams, in turn, are looking for talented athletes. Choosing the right player in the draft can mean a few successful championships for the team.

Previously, the NBA used the traditional bottom-up draft order. But the teams were deliberately losing games to have the worst result in the league and get the number one. The NBA then proposed a new draft system to prevent teams from losing on purpose. Now, the worst team is not guaranteed the first number in the draft.

What is the advantage of the lottery?

The advantage of the NBA Draft Lottery is to prevent deliberate opposition from teams and to maintain the competitive spirit of games.

Teams must remain competitive because the chances of winning are reduced and evenly distributed. It will also attract even more fans to the Association as the games remain competitive and entertaining.

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