Sports betting is planned to be transferred to virtual reality

YouGov concluded that the use of modern technology is seriously affecting consumer behavior in games and entertainment around the world. Such results were shown by a recent study. As it turns out, social media brings the greatest pleasure to consumers, along with new immersive experiences. Today it is developing under the influence of virtual reality.

With these results in mind, Verizon Media and Entain decided to develop a completely new product that would combine virtual reality and sports betting. It is planned that in addition to watching matches, it will be possible to check data about games and their participants, communicate with friends and even place bets on Entain platforms.

Entain CEO comments:

"In order to win in the future, it is necessary to understand the needs of consumers for five or even ten years ahead and invest in it. At the moment, our companies are creating a new product that will allow friends to be together, while physically they can be in different parts of the world."

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