The second edition of the bill on the legalization of the gambling business is not aimed at supporting socially important industries

A number of experts shared their thoughts on the prospects of the bill No.2285-d. For example, deputy Andrei Motovilovets believes that the law will be accepted by the next plenary week. This means that all the 3445 amendments have already been approved by the profile committee.

At the same time, Oleksiy Yevchenko, vice-president of the All-Ukrainian Association of the Gambling Industry, does not consider it a bad idea to "locate casinos in hotels and outside urban areas, as well as to place bookmakers in hotels of three, four and five stars." The expert also noted that the draft law was not available to a wide range of people, and this could cause disagreements among some participants in the legalization process.

Vadim Misyura, General Director of the All-Ukrainian Union for the Development of Bookmaking, announced the voting on the concise procedure. The expert also said that four bills on taxation of gambling were not included in the agenda of the profile committee due to the disagreement of the deputies, whose names and position regarding legalization are unknown today.

In the second version of the bill, there is now no mention of the Fund for the Development of Medicine, Culture and Sports, and the placement of financial services points on the territory of the casino is prohibited.

Anton Taranenko, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Association “Visit Ukraine”, commented on the ban on the placement of ATMs and currency exchange offices:

"Such a service should exist in gambling tourism. And this norm should be spelled out in the legislation. An alternative could be the placement of reception points and ATMs on the premises where a gambling establishment is located, for example, a hotel."

Regarding the mention of the Fund for the Development of Medicine, Culture and Sports, the expert notes that initially it was planned to take 2% from the gambling business to support the mentioned industries, and this condition must be left and concretized, allocating a certain percentage for the promotion of gambling tourism.

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