A potato instead of a joystick for PS5 - new Sony patent

Sony's patent allows any non-electronic item to be turned into a game controller using the AR button projection. The technology works using a camera. The user receives an image of the object he wants to use. The camera then shows where the virtual buttons are to use them live.

The only condition is that the object should not glow. Otherwise, the markings from the camera will not be visible on it. The company tested the invention on bananas and potatoes.

A semi-functional controller made from organic items gives instant access for every user. If the invention turns out to be successful and successfully enter the gaming market, it could supplant the popular Nintendo Switch console.

As with any patent, there is no guarantee that Sony will turn it into a real product. The controller does not require additional hardware and any operator will likely try to use it.

Also known about another Sony patent - a new VR controller. The VR controller has haptic feedback and resistive triggers. The company mentioned the development during the presentation of the PlayStation VR 2 console.

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