Poker room Winamax has banned its ambassador

Professional poker player from France Ivan Deira has already earned $1,400,000 in prize money and won one WSOP gold bracelet in his career. For three years now he has been a representative of the Winamax poker room. On behalf of the company, he plays at live tournaments in different cities of the world.

In January, some Winamax players began to receive refunds. This usually happens due to a dishonest tournament. Then the winner's winnings are distributed among the rest of the players. So, the players themselves found out that the winner of the €2,000 tournament was banned. It turned out to be Ivan Deira. He created two accounts on which he played in parallel. He was eliminated from the tournament under his real name, and from the second account reached the final table. In general, participation and victory in the tournament brought him €80,000. But having multiple accounts is strictly prohibited by the rules of any poker room.

After the story went public, Winamax terminated the poker pro. Deira himself commented:

“I decided to test one hypothesis. At Winamax, many players change their nicknames every 6 months. This means that all notes about opponents' playing styles are useless. Due to the fact that I am an ambassador, I have a unique avatar and there is no way to change my name. The other players at the table always know who they are dealing with. All opponents knew my game and beat me regularly.”

Indeed, in the past three years, Deira has not earned anything from online poker. And after the name change, he won the tournament.

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