Online poker gets its second traffic boom in 2020

The fall-winter period has always been the most favorable for the growth of the online poker segment. Now the pandemic and global lockdowns have particularly affected land-based poker rooms and their work. So, therefore, the first traffic boom in online poker took place in March this year.

Now statistics show that now is the second wave of sharp growth. In the last two weeks, the indicators of the most popular poker rooms have increased by more than 30% on average compared to 2019. The largest part came from the popular poker room GGNetwork, however, other online market representatives also showed impressive growth: traffic on PokerStars grew by 7 %, partypoker up 30%, iPoker up 62%, Unibet up 11%.

The average traffic in all online poker rooms is shown in the graph.

Such indicators were demonstrated not only by the global players of the gambling market, but also by European representatives. France, Spain and Portugal also had an increase of 30%, while online poker games in the Italian market generated 18% more visits.

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