Online gambling tax is going to increase by 5% in Argentina

From 2021 the tax will be raised from 2% to 5%. Now online games bring in about $ 2.4 billion to the state budget. However, online gambling is poorly regulated at the federal level. The new tax on online gambling will allow sending 95% of revenues to provincial budgets. Online betting will now be tracked more tightly. To do this, they will strengthen control over banking and payment data.

It should be noted that the gambling activity in Buenos Aires finally received the rules of the game only in September 2020. Now, other provinces are working to create their own gambling environment.

The gambling business of Ukraine: "A beast driven into a corner will suddenly not become affectionate." Expert Igor Romanyuk on the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine. The news portal about games has previously written about the regulation of gambling in Ukraine. All news can be found in a special section of the site.

Other topical news from the gambling industry: The Cabinet of Ministers named new rules for the gambling market

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