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One answer to all the problems of gambling projects - messenger marketing

Roman Chesanovsky, co-founder of the arbitration company "Kitchen Leads", spoke about this at the SEMPRO conference.
  • 2020-10-12 11:38:43
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Within the framework of the SEMPRO conference, the expert made a presentation "How to consistently get 200% ROI in gambling? Spoiler: through instant messengers". Speaking about the benefits of messenger marketing, Roman emphasized: they are an excellent tool for attracting and retaining quality players, since “the company is constantly on the phone”.

In his opinion, other popular tools (for example, applications, cloaca) have their own individual advantages, but messengers still have the largest number today. Chesanovskiy noted that among the advantages of applications are the ability to quickly launch campaigns, accumulate a base, variability of sources, push notifications and trust from Facebook.

Cloak is the worst promotion option, according to Roman, because of an obvious limitation: you can drive traffic to the advertiser, but the person either signs up or not.

The functionality of messengers is more extensive - segmentation and personalization are added to the pluses, expanded content variability, the absence of blocking bots, and, equally important, the "open rate" - 70%. Roman explained:

"What do many affiliates face? With the fact that applications can be banned. There is no ban here yet for either Telegram or Viber. There are some restrictions on the part of the Facebook messenger, but these are restrictions on the number of messages sent, insignificant. Also here is high open rate - more than 70% of users who receive your message will open it".



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