New lockdown for UK gambling business

Cases of COVID-19 in the UK are on the rise again, and a new quarantine phase has been introduced in the country. It wants "secondary" enterprises to close. Schools, colleges and all entertainment establishments are subject to the new restrictions.

Bookmakers, casinos and gambling halls have been operating as usual for a month, since December 2, 2020. Now they have to close again. The UK gambling industry is calling it a devastating blow to casinos, hotels and the leisure industry. At the same time, they do not challenge the new quarantine rules and are ready to adhere to them.

The UK Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) commented on the new lockdown:

“Our team members have reaffirmed their commitment to a 10-commitment action plan that protects both employees and customers.”

Such a 10-point plan was first announced in March last year, during the first quarantine. In a statement, Michael Douger, CEO of BGC, commented that BGC members did not hesitate to subscribe to a 10-commitment action plan. Among them is ongoing financial support for research and treatment of COVID-19.

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