"Most likely, this will lead to collapse, no matter how sad it is to realize, and no matter how much we want legalization to come," - Igor Romanyuk

The publisher of the USPF magazine "Grand Ante", a member of the strategic development committee of the USPF, as well as one of the experts on the legalization of the gambling business in Ukraine, Igor Romanyuk, shared with the publishing house GamingPost his opinion about what is happening today around the bill No.2285-d.

"Firstly, today the problem of adopting or not adopting a law on the regulation of gambling in Ukraine is the complete inconsistency of the majority of the clauses of this legislative act with the Tax and Labor Code. There is no nomenclature of professions, and it is natural that future licensees will face the fact that there is a law, but it is impossible to work with him.
And secondly, there is a high probability that the license fees are seriously overstated. And on this occasion, when some lobbyists say that it will be possible to work with this, it is hard to believe. Well, probably, like everything in our state: we will sell the land law, but from the twenty-first year, or maybe never; the gambling business is allowed, but no one will be able to work, because it will be illegal, wrong and there will be contradictions, and therefore violation of the license conditions. "

The expert is sure that the draft law in the form we see it today is only the first attempt to draw up a program of combination between the future invented legislative act and what is already working.

"Most likely, this will lead to collapse, no matter how sad it is to realize, and no matter how much we would like legalization to come. Surely such unlucky decisions will lead to collapse."

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Один из экспертов по вопросу легализации игорного бизнеса в Украине Игорь Романюк поделился с издательством GamingPost своим мнением о происходящем на сегодня вокруг законопроекта №2285-д.
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