Lithuanian authorities introduce a ban on the promotion and advertising of gambling

The Lithuanian government voted to ban gambling advertising. New amendments to the Lithuanian legislation will enter into force on 1 July. Gambling institutions will be banned from advertising their services, ordering advertising and holding discounts and promotions. The government introduced amendments to tighten the fight against gambling addiction among the population.

In November 2020, the Lithuanian regulator conducted a social survey. The results were disappointing - out of a thousand respondents, 76% confirmed that there are a lot of gambling advertisements and it affects their lives. 52% said they do not welcome such advertising at all, and 22% said that only lottery advertising should be banned.

The regulator received several complaints against gambling operators who did not fulfill their advertising promises and deceived people. Operators were also advised to stop advertising during the national quarantine this spring. But many ignored the recommendation - advertising for gambling only increased.

The representative of the National Gambling Committee of Lithuania, Mantas Zakarka, noted that due to the ban, new operators will not be able to enter and gain a foothold in the Lithuanian gambling market - this will have a bad effect on the industry.

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