KRAIL's work: April results in numbers

In April, the Gambling Regulatory Commission made 88 decisions. Among them: documents, expert conclusions to draft laws, permits for premises for hotels, licenses. will remind you of the most important decisions made by KRAIL this month.


In April, KRAIL adopted two important documents that moved the equipment certification process forward. This is the list of gambling equipment that is subject to certification, as well as the list of subjects of certification - companies that can carry out such certification.


In April, the Gambling Regulatory Commission managed to issue 9 licenses for the organization and conduct of gambling. They were received by 5 online casinos: Favbet, VULCAN CASINO,, SLOTOKING and GOLDCUP. Two operators of gambling halls received a license to operate - this is the Lord gambling club in Kyiv, and the LUK gambling hall, which will operate in the Lviv hotel in Lviv, the Verkhovyna hotel in Kyiv and the City Park Hotel in White Church. Also, two casinos in the capital received work permits. These are the Billionaire Casino at the InterContinental Hotel, and the Shangri La Casino at the Fairmont Hotel.

For the first time, two companies received B2B licenses. Game Reseller and Asset Group companies will be able to provide services in the field of gambling.


In April, the state treasury of Ukraine was replenished by UAH 297 million from license fees. They were contributed by 10 legal gambling operators.


Another 7 hotels received permits for gambling facilities. These are hotels in Dnipro, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Kyiv. The Premier Hotel Abri in Dnipro, Reikartz River in Mykolaiv, the Morskoy hotel in Odesa and the Bratislava hotel in Kyiv received permits for gambling halls. The Premier Palace hotel in the capital has twice received a permit for the casino. The first permission concerns the first floor, where 710 square meters of the area were allocated for the casino. The second permit allows the opening of a casino on the first and basement floors with a total area of ​​1,100 square meters. The hotel "Kharkiv" in Kharkiv and the hotel "MERCURE KYIV CONGRESS" in Kyiv also received a permit for the casino.


In April, KRAIL managed to issue 28 licenses for gambling equipment. The gambling hall "SLOTS CITY" in the hotel "Tourist" received permits for 1 machine, the casino in the "Grand Hotel Lviv" - permits for 5 gambling machines and 1 gambling table. Billionaire at the InterContinental has received permits for 12 gaming tables and 4 roulette ring tables. And the "LUK" slot machine hall received licenses for 4 slot machines in the Lviv hotel and 1 slot machine in the Verkhovyna hotel.

At the end of April, the Gambling Regulatory Commission managed to change the regulations, making it possible to issue licenses for several machines or tables at once. The process accelerated, and in the first week of May, KRAIL issued licenses for 125 pieces of equipment. In total, 5 operators have received licenses since the beginning of the issuance of licenses:

1Casino at the Grand Hotel in Lviv received permits for 22 machines and 8 gambling tables.

The Slots City gambling hall received permits for 7 machines at the Tourist Hotel in Kyiv, and for another 17 machines at the Intourist Hotel in Zaporizhzhia.

The Billionaire Casino at the Intercontinental Hotel has been cleared for 12 gaming tables and 4 roulette ring tables.

The LUK gambling hall received permits for 9 machines at the Lviv hotel, 5 machines at the Verkhovyna hotel in Kyiv and 11 machines at the City Park Hotel in Bila Tserkva.

The First Casino at the Gagarin Hotel in Odessa received the most equipment licenses: 30 machines and 27 gambling tables.


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