KRAIL solutions in May: licenses and budget revenues

In May, the first land-based casinos opened in Ukraine. In the middle of the month, two casinos were opened in Kyiv: Billionaire at the InterContinental Hotel, and Shangri La at the Fairmont Hotel. And also two First casinos: in Odesa at the Gagarin hotel, and in Lviv at the Grand Hotel Lviv. Before the opening of the first casinos, the Gambling Regulatory Commission actively licensed equipment. In total, 804 pieces of equipment were licensed in May.


The first casino in the Odessa hotel Gagarin received the most equipment licenses: 264 slot machines, 27 gambling tables and 9 roulettes. And First in Grand Hotel Lviv received licenses for 46 slot machines, 8 gambling tables and 7 roulettes. Billionaire Casino has received permits to operate 50 slot machines, 12 gaming tables and 4 roulettes. Shangri La Casino at Fairmont has licensed 50 slot machines, 12 gaming tables and 8 roulettes.

Legal gambling halls in Ukraine also received licenses for slot machines. The LUK gambling club has the largest number of licenses at the Verkhovyna hotel in the capital - for 58 slot machines. LUK gambling machines also received 41 licenses at the Lviv hotel and 32 licenses at the City Park Hotel in Bila Tserkva. The Slots City network of gambling clubs received licenses for 53 machines in Kyiv at the Tourist Hotel, 52 machines in Zaporizhzhia at the Intourist Hotel and 55 machines at the Kharkiv Hotel. Gambling club "Lord" in the capital's hotel "Lybid" received a license for 47 slot machines.


In May, KRAIL issued two operating licenses. The company received a license to organize and run an online casino. And the company "Smart Technology" received a B2B license and the right to provide services in the field of gambling.


KRAIL has also issued 7 permits for hotel premises. New cities where slot machine halls will appear are Kremenchuk and Kamenskoye. In Kremenchuk, 400 square meters were allocated for the slot machine hall at the Kremen Hotel. And in Kamenskoye you can play slot machines or place a bet on the second floor of the Premier Hotel. Almost 500 square meters of the area were allocated for this.

Another slot machine hall will appear in the Astoria hotel in Lviv. The establishment was allocated 300 square meters in the basement of the hotel. In Odessa, slot machines will start working on the second floor of the Alice Place hotel. A slot machine hall will be able to open in another hotel in Kyiv - "Amarant". 340 square meters were allocated for games. In Kharkiv, slot machines can be played at the Tourist Hotel. And one more casino can open in the hotel "Kharkiv". 1100 square meters on the second floor have been allocated for the casino.


Based on the report of the Commission on the Regulation of Gambling, in May the budget of Ukraine was replenished by UAH 25.2 million. The payment was made by two new licensees - the online casino Joker and Game Reseller, which can now provide services in the field of gambling.


The gambling portal monitors the process of legalization of gambling in Ukraine. Read the latest news: Market Consolidation and Tax Law: Expert Roundtable on Gambling

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