Jackpots from Zibrov's mustache, justified expectations and an emotional conference: the first day of the "Gaming Industry" exhibition

Ceremonial cutting of the ribbon - and the Gaming Industry exhibition is officially open. Fifty participants from 11 countries of the world came to Kyiv to present their equipment, systems, developments and services after a long 12-year break.

“The mood is excellent. We believe that after 12 years of pause, the exhibition was a success. We are not the only ones talking about this, but also the participants. Although the exhibition has just begun. Results are not yet known. Now we need to see what it will give to the exhibitors and what it will give to the country,” - comments Valery Bely, the organizer of the Gaming Industry exhibition.

The screens are glowing, roulettes are spinning, slot machines are flashing. Promatic will present a new game at the B4G stand. Its main character is People's Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov. In the game, you need to collect images of the artist himself, his mustache or microphones. The singer and showman is happy to open a gambling business in Ukraine. He says the main thing is to have control.

“In the civilized world, people who have a desire, have money, have a passion - they want relaxation, they want to rest. Why not? But there must be appropriate institutions. We already have such an establishment in Ukraine. Come in, play, rest,” - says Pavlo Zibrov.

Key international market players also want to understand legislative issues. At the exhibition, stands were equipped by such giants as Novomatic, IGT and EGT.

“This is a very important exhibition for us, because Gaming Industry is the first one after a year's lockdown. This is a great opportunity to meet market participants. With the opening of the gambling market in Ukraine, it is very important for us to be here, we expect cooperation with new operators,” - says Irina Rusimova, EGT Business Development Manager.

Among the exhibitors, some are ready to help operators with the opening of halls and consultation.

“Captain Slot Consulting is a team of professionals. Each professional in his field is both lawyers, managers with extensive experience in operating slot halls, marketers, HR specialists. We advise people and companies on how to properly open their business, how to run this business and help set up business processes,” - says Ivan Surin, Marketing Director of CAPTAIN SLOT CONSULTING.

Guests of the exhibition share their impressions.

“The expectations were justified, everything is very bright, colorful, it is clear that very strong players are represented in terms of manufacturers. I was primarily interested in the conference and issues related to marketing and development,” - says the guest of the exhibition Natalia.

At the conference, experts share their experience - how to achieve success in business, what to look for when creating an online casino, how to develop sports poker.

“From the point of view of the topics, the speakers, everything is very worthy, everything is very high, it feels very emotional, everyone is very interested,” - says Anton Kuchukhidze, the conference moderator and head of the Ukrainian Gambling Council.

One of the main topics is how to regulate the advertising of gambling.

“What is being done on outdoor advertising should be completely cut off. "Come in, play, win." Where do you win? Lose your license!”  - says Igor Romanyuk, publisher of the magazines Azart and Grand Ante.

The Gaming Industry exhibition awaits guests until June 11. You can communicate with international market players, hear answers to important questions, and take part in a poker tournament in the first pavilion of the International Exhibition Center.

The report especially for Gamingpost.net.


Gamingpost.net is the official media partner of the Gaming Industry exhibition. Read the latest news: Exhibition "Gaming Industry". Why can't we miss it?

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The first day of the Gaming Industry exhibition brought new acquaintances and contacts to the participants and the guests - emotions and answers to questions. What was the surprise of the first exhibition on the legal gambling market in Ukraine? In an exclusive report from Gamingpost.net.
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