Ivan Rudy urged to fight against the shadow gambling market

Ivan Rudy in his video message called everyone to a common fight against the shadow market of gambling. The head of KRAIL told what to do if you found out about the existence of an illegal gambling establishment.

“I regularly receive SMS mailing with such offers: come in, alcohol is free, such and such an address. Then I take a screenshot and send it to the law enforcement agencies with my statement. I also ask you - record these facts, take photos, videos, do not play! Think about your safety, but do not forget that we have a rule-of-law state,” - Ivan Rudy said.

The head of KRAIL noted that the National Police and the Security Service of Ukraine stand up for the protection of the rights of citizens, so they should be contacted if you see violations.

“We are doing one common thing with you. We can fight illegal gambling establishments not only in Kyiv but also in other cities of Ukraine. Help us, friends: contact the law enforcement agencies, send us letters, record the facts of work, and thus together we will overcome this shadow market,” - said Ivan Rudy.


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