Italian government extends ban on gambling establishments

In mid-February, Mario Draghi took over as the new Prime Minister of Italy. He extended a federal decree to close land-based gambling establishments.

According to the decision, bookmakers, slot machines, gambling halls, casinos and bingo will be closed for a whole year, which will be a disastrous outcome for the entire Italian gambling industry.

Last month, Italian gambling unions held public protests in Milan and Rome. They called on the government to lift the isolation restrictions that affected 150,000 workers and hurt 400,000 families.

Bookmakers also called on Draghi's office to lift restrictions on events in the yellow zones of the Italian provinces, where the level of COVID infection was considered moderate.

When the patience of the enterprises reached its limit, the industry body Legal Gaming Workers intervened. He criticized the former coalition government for the fact that the sector, which contributes "4.5 billion euros directly to the treasury of Italy, remains behind a screen."

Besides, specialized entertainment venues have reopened in some provinces. However, the Italian gambling companies were not provided with any information about their opening. Gambling establishments continue to operate under federal closure orders.

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