“It is impossible to fill the budget by UAH 7,4 billion only through licenses,” - experts on the gambling market

Operators of the gambling business will be able to certify their equipment very soon. So says the first deputy of the Advisory and Expert Council at KRAIL Boris Baum. The documents are already being adjusted by the Ministry of Justice.

“We hope that today this letter will be adjusted to us. And the next step will be the publication by the Commission of the list of subjects of certification. These are the companies that have the right to certify the gaming equipment that was agreed to the list of required equipment for certification. These are a slot machine, a card table, a roulette table, an operator's online system and shuffle machines. We have made some progress on this issue, and I hope that on Wednesday the Commission will start accepting documents from those operators who have received their licenses for activities,” - says Boris Baum.

Boris Baum says - The Commission is considering many applications for land business. They are waiting even more because hotels have begun to receive "stars". According to Boris Baum, a casino in the InterContinental hotel has already been licensed, and they are preparing to serve a casino in the Fairmont and Premiere Palace hotels.

“We expect that in April 500 million hryvnias from royalties alone should go to the budget, and maybe more, we'll see,” - says Boris Baum.

But the budget is unlikely to receive 7.4 billion from licenses for the year, - says the head of the Gambling Association of Ukraine Anton Kuchukhidze. According to him, incorrect figures were included in the budget. It was about all the proceeds from the gambling business, not just licenses.

“During the preparation of the draft budget, calculations were submitted to the relevant state bodies about the figure of 7.4 billion hryvnias, which included the concept of income from license fees for conducting activities, plus all types of taxes. And the deputies voted in such a way that the budget requires UAH 7.4 billion from license fees alone. The operator has the right to pay not immediately for five years, but, for example, for a year, for two or three. So far, it is clear that it is impossible to replenish the budget by UAH 7.4 billion only through licenses. On average, 1.5 billion, maybe a little more,” - says Anton Kuchukhidze.

At the same time, experts agree that the gambling market is already beginning to develop. New media are also involved in the process. The magazine "Azart" was published before the closure of the gambling business in 2009, and will soon issue a fresh issue. The audience is vast.

“For specialists, for employees of KRAIL, for employees of the apparatus, whom we do not have yet, but we take them into account. For the deputies, so that they understand what is going on, and not only from pro-Russian sources and Internet resources, which are not always believable and are not always responsible for their information. And there will be a limited edition specialized magazine that plays with players for subscribers,” - says Igor Romanyuk, an expert on the gambling market.

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