Insane bets that ended up playing

Betting on the immutability of things

In 1989, the Welshman made a £30 bet that five things would remain the same by 2000. Under the terms of the bet, Home and Away, Neighbors and East Anders will still air; singer Cliff Richard will receive a knighthood; U2 will still be together and performing. According to the bookmaker Ladbrokes, the probability of the Welshman winning was 6,479-1.

After 11 years of waiting for the results of his unusual bet, he was right. The man walked away with a win of £194,400 ($320,000) from a very unfortunate bookmaker.

Bet on everything 

British player Ashley Revell made history as the man who literally staked everything he had. The bet was placed on one spin of the roulette wheel. Revell sold everything he owned in 2004, including clothes.

Ashley Revell starred in a reality show called Twice or Nothing. He took all the money he got from the sale of his goods - $135,300. He went to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where he placed the entire amount in a single bet on the roulette wheel.

Revell won. And he doubled his stake to $270,600. Revell later used his money to start an online poker company. However, his streak in business did not continue. His company closed in 2012.

$100,000 chest bet

Brian Zembich made crazy bets more than once. He once slept under a bridge for a week with $20,000 tied to his leg. But Zembich is best known for his 1997 stunt. He agreed to put on silicone breast implants and live with them for a year to win a $100,000 bet.

Zembich found a plastic surgeon who also loved gambling. Brian defeated his surgeon in backgammon, so he got the operation for free. The young man kept his implants for a whole year and won a bet. He then decided he liked having breasts and kept the implants for almost twenty years.

In 2017, he finally decided to have the implants removed at the request of his teenage daughter. Zembich then noted that fatherhood changed his outlook on life. So money and bets ceased to interest him.

Tennis player bet

In 2003, tennis player Roger Federer won his first Wimbledon tournament. That same year, a man named Nick Newlife made a £1,500 ($1,900) bet. He stated that Federer will win the Wimbledon Grand Slam at least seven times by 2019. The odds of this happening were 66-1.

By 2012, Federer had won Wimbledon seven times. By that time, Newlife had died and never knew the outcome of his unusual bet. He left his possessions and coupon for betting with the charity Oxfam. When it became known about the seventh victory of the tennis player, the organization demanded payment of more than 100,000 pounds.

Beginners are lucky

In 2009, Patricia Demauro was at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City with friend John Capra. Demauro played penny slots at first, but after a few hours she became bored. She went to look for Capra, who was sitting in the poker room. He was losing and decided to take a break to teach Demauro how to play dice. She had never played this game before, but decided to try her luck.

Demauro made a successful bet 154 times in a row against a seven. Seven is the number most commonly encountered when rolling a pair of dice.

According to statistics professor Thomas Cover, the probability of such a Demauro win is approximately one in 56 trillion. Demauro finally threw out the seven after almost four and a half hours. This completed her winning streak.

From karting to Grand Prix

In 1998, Richard Hopkins took his 13-year-old son Evan to a go-kart race. But it was not his own child that impressed Hopkins, but his peer rival. Then the man made an insane £200 bet on an unfamiliar boy - Lewis Hamilton. Under the terms of the bet, Lewis must win the Formula 1 race by the time he turns 23. The coefficient of this rate was 200-1.

Hopkins made a second bet on £100 - by the age of 25 Hamilton will become the Formula 1 world champion. The probability coefficient was 500-1. His third bet at £1,500-1 at £50 - Hamilton will achieve both goals. When Lewis Hamilton did win his first race at 22 and then became world champion at 23, Hopkins received a total payout of over £165,000.

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