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At the screens focused players study cards in CS:GO. This is a regular training session for an esports team. But all its members are over 55 years old. Tatiana Biryukova is one of the Ageless Shooters team members. For, she shows how in CS:GO she stops the enemy with a grenade. Tatyana is 61 years old, she started playing a year and a half ago from scratch. She got into e-sports by accident - she saw an announcement about recruitment to the 55+ team.

“I thought, if 55+ is written, it means that it is real for me, a pensioner, to try. Since I am retired, and I have a lot of free time, I came for testing. After a while, a message came that I should start training. My friends have children, and they are delighted that I play. “Really? Tell my mom not to scold me." And one mom comes up to me and asks: "Is it true that you are playing?" I answer: "Yes, really." "So, I was in vain to drive my son away from the computer?" I answer - in vain”, - says Tatiana Biryukova.

An unusual team is coached by Andrey Farbo. He says that working with 55+ players has its own nuances.

“Many of them have never even sat at a computer. Yes, they did some accounting things. But in order to play, sit down, understand what a keyboard is, what a mouse is and how it can be used in a game - it's very difficult. But there is a lot of progress. You now take and put any 50+ opponent on them, they will endure any. They even compete with young guys at a high level,”- says Andrey Farbo, coach of Ageless Shooters.

Initially, the team was recruited for a show match with an age team from Sweden. The training yielded results - the Ukrainians defeated their opponents with a score of 16:1.

“It was something divine, unique. Before that, I was worried, did not sleep half the night, woke up at night so as not to hit I face in the mud. But it turned out easy,” - says Alexander Lavrinenko, a member of the Ageless Shooters team.

San Sanych is one of the most experienced players of the Ageless Shooters team. A few years ago, his son taught him how to play CS. Now esports is not just a hobby for him. San Sanych has serious plans for his career.

“I have such a dream that I would be a major among pensioners. For the countries of the whole world - Brazil, USA, France, Italy - to gather in the championship. And so that we do not lose face and win, we dream about it,” - says Alexander Lavrinenko.

Before the lockdown, the team met at the computers three times a week, and now serious training starts again. Tatyana Silenko with the nickname Valkyrie assures that the team is ready to accept challenges, the main thing is that the opponent is suitable.

“It's more difficult for us, because there are very few age teams like us in Ukraine. Of course, we would like to see more teams so that we can fight on equal terms, because after all, it's a little difficult for us with young people. Guys who are 20 years old have 10 years of simulated experience, and we have only one and a half years. And again, the reaction, the age gives its own,” - says Tatiana Silenko, a member of the Ageless Shooters team.

The team members hope that with the opening of the borders they will be able to show their skills again at the big European championships.

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