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How to Promote Projects in the Gambling Vertical and Get High Profit: Topics Discussed at Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020

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  • 2020-11-30 16:54
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On November 4, Smile-Expo organized Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020. The event dedicated to the practical application of affiliate marketing in the gambling vertical featured informative presentations and interesting networking formats.

Conference was moderated by the co-founder of Papa Karlo CPA network Konstantin Karpalov and Tetiana Klymenko, Head of the Legal Department at Law & Trust International.

What did we talk about at the event?

First speaker at KiAC 2020 was a CEO of SEO.UA Taras Gushcha. He delivered a presentation titled “Five tricks for website promotion, when the project is not in the top 10”. Expert talked about the benefits of unigrams and gave advice on how to maximize the relevance of a document for low-frequency queries without spamming.

George Rysak, Head of SEO at Develux, talked about effective SEO solutions for gambling projects targeted at foreign markets. The expert reviewed the first steps that should be taken to successfully promote a website. In addition, he named the main mistakes that prevent online resources from developing.

Inna Babich, the founder of Gagarin Partners, spoke about the promotions organized by affiliate programs and their importance for the affiliate business. The speaker shared the experience of Gagarin Partners in organizing of a competition with $250,000 prize pool for the best partners. She also reviewed ad impressions for attracting webmasters.

Konstantine777, the founder of Mafia Partners, outlined the main nuances that affiliates should take into account when choosing an affiliate program, to avoid scam offers. In particular, he advised to study products that are promoted through the affiliate program and analyze the player LTV indicator.

Vladyslav Pluzhnichenko, the founder of Red Hamster, spoke about the ways of scaling advertising campaigns that help drive traffic at large volumes. He discussed the use of such tools like Audience Network and explained how knowledge of scaling techniques affects the manager’s earnings.

Andriy Kapeltsov, the owner of SEO.Capital, discussed the features of managing large projects in a highly competitive gambling environment. Among other things, he recommended ensuring uninterrupted payments and a responsible approach to collecting data and organizing the work of the support service.

Presentation “Problematic issues for the foreign operators aiming to enter the Ukrainian market” was revealed by Alina Plyushch, Head of private clients practice at Sayenko Kharenko. She analyzed the peculiarities of legislation and how foreign gambling companies may encounter difficulties in conducting business in Ukraine.

Lyudmyla Krivko, Founder of SI1ICON marketing company, gave advice on the launch of iGaming products and clarified how much it will cost to launch an online casino. She revealed the secrets of acquiring and retaining clients during the crisis, and also compared which market is the best to open and promote gambling platforms.

Maksym Sheyko, founder of the TopinAd arbitrage team spoke about the specifics of working in the gambling vertical and specified what nuances you need to pay attention to in order to get a high profit. He also gave tips for making up converting creatives.

Topics discussed during the roundtable

As part of KiAC 2020, a roundtable was organized, featuring the topic of “Transformation of the Ukrainian online gambling market: legal risks, current condition and prospects”.

Three top lawyers with experience in the field of gambling took part in the discussions:

Alina Plyushch – Member of the Board of the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association.

Artem Kuzmenko – Partner of the law firm Eterna Law.

Ganna Buiadzhy – Managing Partner at VigoLex law firm.

During the roundtable, experts discussed the reason for the popularity of online gambling and how the quarantine restrictions imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic affected this market. They analyzed the provisions of the Ukrainian legislation, which outlined the requirements for organizers of online gambling, and expressed their opinion on the competitiveness and prospects of the local online gambling market.

About the poker tournament at KiAC 2020

Gagarin Partners affiliate program organized a hold’em tournament at KiAC 2020 VIP zone. VIP ticket owners participated in the game.

Three winners took home the main prize – gifts from the organizer:

• 1st place - certificate for $500 balance at Pokerdom and a winner’s cup;

• 2nd place – certificate for $300 balance at Pokerdom;

• 3rd place – certificate for $200 balance at Pokerdom.

About networking and a closed party

The key benefit of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 is networking. That is why the event created all the necessary conditions for productive communication, exchange of contacts and establishing useful connections with speed dating and meeting with playing cards activities.

And after the official part of the program was over, an afterparty welcomed the owners of VIP tickets, speakers and sponsors who continued the networking process in an informal setting. At the afterparty, guests enjoyed snacks and drinks, a performance by a professional cover singer, DJ and dancers.

Sponsor of Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020

1win Partners affiliate program was a platinum sponsor of the event. This is the official affiliate program of 1win betting company. The advertiser provides offers in the gambling and betting niche. It guarantees generous payments and favorable terms of cooperation.

KiAC 2020 attendees could learn about the services of 1win Partners at a separate stand.

Event organizer

Kyiv iGaming Affiliate Conference 2020 was organized by Smile-Expo – an international company conducting specialized events dedicated to innovations.

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