How a poker player launched a successful startup

David Daneshgar is known for having received funding for his startup with poker tournament winnings. Daneshgar is considered one of the best American poker players. In 2006, CardPlayer magazine ranked him as the # 5 player in the world.

Together with the co-founders, the poker player decided to independently finance BloomNation, and not attract investors. BloomNation is an American online flower marketplace that employs 3,500 florists. The company has signed partnerships across America and delivers goods to 5,000 US cities.

It all started with poker. In 2010 Daneshgar traveled to Los Angeles to play a poker tournament. Thanks to the winnings, he launched BloomNation. The total initial investment in the company was $ 1.65 million.

Daneshgar shared his life story and gave some useful advice to entrepreneurs.

Positioning is critical to success

When Daneshgar settled in Berkeley, he wanted to teach poker. Students were allowed to attend such lessons if the administration of the institution approved the elective. However, the man was not allowed to do so.

But Daneshgar did not give up. He went to the mathematics professor with "a big bag of bagels and cream cheese" and convinced him to approve the elective. The class was titled Statistics and Probability of Games. They talked about poker, but they were positioned as a course in statistics and probability theory.

When entrepreneurs are trying to achieve something in their business, they should be mindful of the positioning of their products or services.

Remember the main thing

If the end goal is strategically important, do not miss the opportunity to “soften the interlocutor” before starting serious negotiations. As Guy Kawasaki points out, you need to find out what you can do for a person, not what he can do for you.

The entrepreneur needs to be confident that the investment justifies the potential return on investment.

Strive to be the best in everything you do

Daneshgar only started taking poker seriously after taking on the role of teacher. To teach young players, he needed to learn the game of poker at the highest level. This is how the man earned the trust of his students.

In the years that followed, he made several million dollars as a professional poker player. He was motivated by the desire to become a better teacher.

Take risks

When Daneshgar won the first world series, he was still living with his parents. The man returned home with pockets full of money and ran into his mother.

Daneshgar expected the worst, but she asked, "David, do you think you can do it again?" Her question prompted him to take more risks, and his professional poker career was born.

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