How men and women gamble

Women's play is often different from men's. And decisions are usually made based on a different logic. The point is in the perception of the world, and psychology. presents five main differences between men's and women's games.

Various hobbies in gambling

If you segment the types of games that men and women prefer, you can see significant differences. For example, this applies to rates.

Women are more likely to choose low-risk bets that are based on sheer luck. Men, on the other hand, want to use strategy and calculation to increase the odds in their favor.

Another difference is that women prefer small fixed bets. Men, on the other hand, feel comfortable with rates that are not predetermined.

These basic game preferences easily determine why men and women choose different games. Women, in general, prefer online Bingo, slots and lotteries. Men overwhelmingly prefer sports betting, horse racing, poker or board games.

Of course, these preferences can be easily generalized. Some women love a good game of blackjack and many men play slots. Other factors play an important role, such as age, economic status and gambling awareness.

However, these general preferences provide some averaged patterns.

Willingness to spend money

Ladies tend to spend less and with minimal risk on their bets. They will place a small amount of money at the same rates.

Women are more likely to determine their rates ahead of time. This means that a woman will not raise her bet at a critical or happy moment of the game. Girls also tend to have small bankrolls, which they are willing to risk in the first place.

Women tend to be more pessimistic about their chances of winning the game. But male optimism and self-confidence go hand in hand with their bets. They are convinced they can use strategy to win.

Different reactions to ups and downs

Reacting to your victories and losses is a tidbit for gender stereotypes. However, in this case, they are partly correct. Women react emotionally, while men tend to be more aggressive.

When women are at a loss, they are more likely to cry or show signs of nervousness or sadness. When men are experiencing serious losses, they are prone to aggression or tilt. They may even start yelling or scolding the dealer.

After winning big, men become more self-confident and try to win even more, and their strategies tend to become more aggressive.

Women are more likely to go to withdraw cash after a big win. Their cynicism about the odds of winning reduces their propensity to increase bets.

Different playtime

According to recent statistics, the favorites among women's games are online bets that are not time-bound.

As a rule, men start playing after twenty or after graduating from university. Women start gambling when they feel financially secure and independence. This usually happens by the age of thirty.

Online gambling or live sessions

Women overwhelmingly choose online games. This is especially true for female newbies.

When it comes to online gambling, women tend to pick one site. Over time, they start to feel more comfortable and can focus on multiple gaming sites. Men are more likely to use three to five sites at any given time.

Casino loyalty offers the same terms for every gender. But most loyalty programs provide additional benefits or services to those who have the status of "elite" casino members. These elite members are mostly men. Consequently, men are more likely to earn valuable rewards and bonuses.

Since men tend to bet higher amounts and gamble more often, they tend to reach a high status in casinos earlier than women.

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