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How To Make Money In Esports? Find Out At The Third eSPORTconf Ukraine by Smile-Expo

ESPORTconf Ukraine – An Event On Business Development And Investment In The Esports Segment To Take Place In 2021
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  • 2020-12-22 11:19:58
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eSPORTconf Ukraine

Esports is one of the most promising areas for business, investments and career.

Ukraine is already in the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the development of esports sphere. And after esports was recognized as an official sport on the legislative level in 2020, various organizations working in the industry began to make plans to create the appropriate infrastructure, organize tournaments and comprehensively develop the industry. And now the business has a unique opportunity to master a new direction and get the maximum benefit from investing in esports.

On April 7, 2021, Kyiv will host eSPORTconf Ukraine, where leading experts will talk about the insights of the eSports market and effective ways to make money in this niche. This is a unique event by Smile-Expo that has no analogues in Ukraine. The event about the opportunities and prospects of esports will be held for the third time and will be part of a series of specialized events that were have previously organized in Europe and the CIS.

Target audience and topics discussed at eSPORTconf Ukraine 2021

The event will bring together the leading representatives of the esports community, becoming a platform where everyone could learn how to make money on esports correctly.

eSPORTconf Ukraine 2021 program includes informative reports, panel discussion, a demo zone and the most productive networking.

The conference speakers will include members of specialized federations, experienced gamers, advertisers, marketers and others. They will analyze the current state of the esports industry and talk about its profitable directions. Experts will also consider cases of business development in this area, share plans for the future and give recommendations on building a professional career as an esports player.

Meet first speakers of the event:

• Ivan Danyshevskiy - President of Esports Ukraine – a Kyiv office of the Ukrainian Esports Federation.

• Arseniy Salay – Head of ESportsBattle Academy, Vice President of the Ukrainian Association of Electronic Football.

• Tetiana Kuzmenko – Chief Business Development Officer at Hellraisers eSports.

Topics that will be discussed at the conference:

• Esports industry in Ukraine today and tomorrow: growth vectors.

• The influence of gambling and betting on esports.

• Maximum involvement of fans in esports venues and spaces – how to create an exciting and memorable experience.

• The roles of managers, agents and team owners in building of successful esports teams.

More information about the speakers and their presentations can be found on the official website of the event.

ESPORTconf Ukraine 2021 will be useful for business owners, investors, software and video game developers, marketers, gamers, esports fans and many others who are aiming to master the sphere of esports and find new sources of income.

About the event demo area

eSPORTconf Ukraine 2021 will feature a demo zone where niche companies operating in the esports industry will present their products and services.

Visitors of the event will discover the latest solutions, consult with exhibitors and discuss the prospects for further cooperation. And the participants of the demo zone will be able to expand the customer database, find business partners and investors.

Conference organizer

ESPORTconf Ukraine 2021 will be organized by Smile-Expo – an international company that has been conducting industry events dedicated to innovations for 14 years all over the world.

Conference tickets are already on sale. Join the event and learn how to successfully make money in esports.

Program and registration - esportconf.com.ua


eSPORTconf Ukraine Events

How To Make Money In Esports? Find Out At The Third eSPORTconf Ukraine by Smile-Expo

ESPORTconf Ukraine – An Event On Business Development And Investment In The Esports Segment To Take Place In 2021

  • 2020-12-22 11:19:58
  • 186
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