How the list of equipment required for certification is formed - comment by Anton Kuchukhidze

The Gambling Regulatory Commission accepted a draft decision on the list of equipment required for certification. According to Anton Kuchukhidze, a member of the advisory and expert council at KRAIL, a lot of work is being done to form the list. The expert himself submitted revisions in order to reduce the number of certifications.

For example, representatives of the Gambling Association of Ukraine suggested not to certify technical means of telecommunications, means of cryptographic protection of information, means of processing data in online systems, means of ensuring uninterrupted power supply of online systems, electronic devices in gambling equipment. According to experts, all these are elements of gambling equipment that are automatically certified. In addition, software was also proposed to be removed from the list. This amendment was accepted in order to avoid double certification. Indeed, according to the law, the organization of gambling occurs through an online system, and it is already certification subject.

“Formation of the list of gambling equipment is an obligation under the law of Ukraine. Therefore, it is necessary. We must clearly understand what to certify directly to the organizer of gambling, so that there are no ambiguities. Each gambling equipment manufacturer may have their own rules. The list of gambling equipment is needed in order to unify it. The draft decision that has appeared - it proceeds from the letter of the law and their terms, which are spelled out in the law,” - says Anton Kuchukhidze.

At the same time, the issue of exactly what rules and where the equipment will be certified has not yet been resolved.

“I will say briefly - the issue has not been resolved, but the work is underway. There are several options for resolving the issue. But all these procedures need to be coordinated with other executive authorities. Unfortunately, given the Ukrainian bureaucracy, this is not a quick process,” - commented Anton Kuchukhidze.

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