How do Ukrainians feel about the gambling legalization?

The opinions of the residents of Kyiv about gambling are fundamentally different. Some are skeptical: "Everything is good in the country, only gambling is not enough." Others argue differently - the shadow gambling business exists, which means it is more profitable to legalize it and receive income to the budget of Ukraine.

“People have always played with us, why not do it legally and make money in the budget. I have a positive attitude to legalization, but it must be done wisely,” - says a survey participant.

A third of the people surveyed by resort to stereotypical arguments that gambling is bad because people "will lose all their money." At the same time, more than 85% of respondents agree that casinos can be opened in specially equipped zones - resorts or hotels.

25% of people surveyed by said that they once gambled. And more than 37% of respondents are interested in visiting a legal casino.

The gambling business portal monitors the process of legalization of gambling in Ukraine. Read the latest news: Taxes on winnings, licenses with no work and certification - what was discussed at the Ukrainian Gaming Week conference

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What do the residents of Kyiv think about the gambling business - watch the survey.
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