The global casino market has tripled over 20 years

Finance and iGaming company Catena Media demonstrated data showing that in 2001 gross gambling revenue was $50 billion, the majority of which was from online gambling. By 2017, the volume was only $45.8 billion, but in 2024 it is expected to increase to $94.4 billion. Winnings in online casinos have grown to 14% of the total in the current year (for comparison, the 2008 it was 6.6%).

Over the past few years, casinos have occupied approximately a quarter of the entire gambling market. In 2007, this direction accounted for 20%, but in 2014 the figure increased to 26%. It is predicted that next year it will be 25%.

The study also shows that Las Vegas Sands has the highest performance among operators, with revenues of $13.8 billion in 2018. The list also includes MGM Resorts, Caesar's Entertainment, Galaxy Entertainment and Wynn Resorts. WinStar World Casino, located in Oklahoma, is recognized as the largest gambling establishment in size. The second position was taken by The Venetian, followed by the City of Dream casino in Macau.

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