German authorities introduce licenses for online streaming

Germany relies on old broadcast laws. Before the advent of the Internet, radio and television stations were required to obtain an official broadcasting license. But for streamers, such rules look ridiculous - the state wants to keep the outdated law and make money.

According to the new law, those who have more than 200 thousand subscribers on Twitch or YouTube channels must acquire licensed broadcasting. The license includes time limits - if the game is 16+, you can stream it until 22:00, and if 18+ - until 23:00. The authorities will also oblige streamers to consult with experts on how to properly work and interact with young people.

Twitch streamer MontanaBlack88 from Germany now has 3.7 million subscribers. He plans to leave and stream in another country where he doesn't need to be licensed. He said that the new legislation severely restricts his activities, and because of the high tax, the license means the loss of most of the income.

Famous streamers RocketBeans from Hamburg and Gronkh from Niedersachsen paid for the licenses. According to them, the cost of a license ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 thousand euros. How much a streamer will pay depends on the region in which he lives and audience coverage. Streamers Shlorox and Tinkerleo have already moved to Switzerland.

The streamer is a relatively new concept, so they don't have a lobby. Broadcast regulation law seems outdated for streaming over the Internet. Streamers hope that the esports sector will get more attention from the German authorities, and they are thinking about updating the law.

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