Gambling Regulatory Commission can now issue permits for premises

The Ministry of Justice accepted a decision of the Commission for the Gambling Regulation on the procedure for issuing a special permit to the owner of the premises. It confirms that the premises comply with the requirements of the law, which are necessary for conducting gambling. A building permit is one of the necessary documents for obtaining licenses, so earlier the process of obtaining licenses for land-based casinos and gambling halls was formally blocked.

"This permit is required only for offline casinos that are located in the premises of hotels. One of the documents that must be submitted to obtain a license to operate a casino in a hotel is that the hotel itself complies with the requirements of the law. It is the confirmation that the premises themselves meet the requirements of the law, the Commission will issue. The Commission has developed a procedure that has now been confirmed and is coming into force. And now hotel owners can go and get such a permit. And then casino operators on the basis of such a permit will apply for a license to operate. There were disputes, discussion of which body should issue this permission. The law directly stipulates that it is issued by the Commission. And now there is an approved procedure, what documents must be submitted, what procedure for consideration. So now this system will work", - says the lawyer and the expert of the Advisory Board at the Commission for the Gambling Regulation Alina Plyushch in the comment for

"Now the process of bringing the regulatory framework in line with the special law on the legalization of gambling is underway. The decision of the Ministry of Justice is a step in this direction. Also, a mechanism appears according to which there will be no formal problems with confirming of the premises for casinos, gambling halls or bookmakers points", - comments a member of the expert advisory council Anton Kuchukhidze.

Now, in order to obtain such permission, the owner of the premises must submit to the commission an application, a document on the ownership of the premises, a certificate of establishing the category for the hotel and a technical passport.

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