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The Gambling Market Regulatory Commission has already started work

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  • 2020-11-06 14:11:12
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Legalization of the gambling business

At a regular meeting of the working group on the legalization of the gambling business, the deputies considered the draft resolution "On approval of the licensing conditions for the implementation of economic activities for the provision of services in the field of organizing and conducting gambling."

According to Minister Oleg Nemchinov, the accepted document will help to regulate activities in the field of gambling, allowing it only to those persons who have received a license. The issuance of such a license will be exclusively handled by the Market Regulatory Commission. The conditions for obtaining an official license will soon appear in the public domain for public discussion, and then will be proposed for approval by the Cabinet of Ministers. Also, this project proposes to put a certain list of documents for obtaining a license and requirements for doing business in the gambling industry.

On his official Facebook page, Nemchinov also wrote:

"The newly elected Chairman of the Commission, Ivan Rudy, said that the Commission has already begun its work: registration documents have been drawn up, a stamp has been received, and the procedure for opening a current account in the State Treasury Service of Ukraine has begun."

Moreover, the official website of the Commission for the Regulation of Gambling and Lotteries appeared, as well as draft regulatory acts.

The gambling portal gamingpost.net has previously written about the draft law on the gambling business in Ukraine. All news can be found in a special section of the site.

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Legalization of gambling Gambling legalization

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