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Forbes ranking: 30 most influential persons in eSports

Forbes and Sports.ru have ranked the 30 most influential individuals in CIS eSports.
  • 2020-10-13 13:57:44
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“Forbes” has previously worked on a ranking of the most influential people in eSports in the CIS, but this year they have teamed up with Sports.ru to assess the influence of market participants from a professional point of view.

Unlike last year's list, the new rating includes 30 people. The pandemic and multiple tournament cancellations made it difficult to calculate real earnings, so companies had to move away from monetary and scoring. A Forbes spokesman made several comments:

"To compile the rating, our editorial offices collected a long list of applicants from 64 people. As a result, we considered each person in this rating (and several dozen more people in the long list) and asked ourselves, as well as market participants, how many actions, decisions and Will the words of a particular person affect other companies and people? After all, this is where influence lies. "

Here are some questions that influenced a person's place in the ranking:

• If player X moves to a different club, how much will it affect his previous team? And will it help his new team to attract sponsors? How many fans will follow him?

• If player X wants to assemble a new team, how willingly will people run to him?

• To what extent is manager X free in making decisions, is he responsible only for the composition, or is his responsibility wider?

• If someone wants to host a tournament, who will be called to play and show it first?

This year's rating was headed by Esforce Holding CEO Emin Antonyan. The top three were eSports commentator and founder of the Maincast studio Vitaly Volochay, as well as Evgeny Zolotarev, CEO of NAVI.



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