"From the first day - more than 150 applications for subscription", - Igor Romanyuk about the new release of the magazine "Azart"

The suspension of the activities of "Azart" happened precisely because the legal market has left, and other publications, which today are recognized leaders, have come to replace the legal market, we cannot dispute this. But they, too, could not keep up with the rhythm of publishing on paper and switched to the Internet.

Number 1 after a long break, after 13 years of no market, came out, in fact, as number 60. We are even pleased that the round number coincided - the magic of numbers in excitement is always important.

Analysts and expert opinions practically do not exist on the market now. Even if it exists, it is imposed on the public by impostors. It is important not that you call yourself an expert, the market must call you an expert.

We decided to make an analytical summary collection of information for the month. Give your specific vision, assessment. But I can say that almost all materials in Azart are not edited and are published in the original language.

In "Azart" we tell about history, we talk about the future, we predict the situation. The team is small, today it is almost the entire old edition - about 15 people. And we are carefully developing our bureaus in Belarus, Cyprus, Georgia and Kazakhstan, for now.

We specialize strictly among business organizers - these are KRAIL, KER. Perhaps soon - an apparatus that does not exist yet. As for the rest, Azart is focused on equipment manufacturers, market operators, that is, licensees, only legal market operators and their top management.

We are trusted by experts, top officials, manufacturers and operators. For example, the first licensee immediately bought the cover - this is an indicator.

We want to maintain the status of a thematic publication, therefore, we do not want to exceed the circulation of 5000 copies. The magazine attracts the interest of serious advertisers with a fairly limited edition.

More than 150 subscription applications have already been received from the first day of the publication. And it is very offensive to tell people that so far “money cannot buy us”. This is how we joke. The subscription will start in the summer, it will be a very expensive subscription, the publication is narrowly focused and expensive. And, of course, as they say in Ukraine, “you can't get enough of a wide bed”. This is a highly specialized magazine.

Employers will subscribe. For Ukraine it will be from $50 per year, ten releases. It is very expensive, more expensive than Forbes. And for foreign countries, it is from $100. There will be a "limited edition". The difference will be that the cover will be designed according to certain printing technology. The filling capacity is a little more, a little wider, it will differ. It will contain specific promotions for manufacturers, operators, licensees and top management in their professional development. For example, we are now establishing the "Croupier of the Year in Ukraine" award together with the "Gambling Industry" exhibition.

"Limited edition" will start at $1000 per year. Each will have a personalized card, the number will be personalized. You will receive a complete number that is intended for you. You will receive additional requests from manufacturers and additional discounts that you will have. This is not know-how, but we want to introduce this technology into the luxury segment of the market, and casinos are the luxury segment.

The pre-order was 100 people, this is only in Ukraine. We have not yet spoken with Georgia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta, Belarus.

Let's say you are a $3000 "limited edition" subscriber. If you are going to develop a gambling business at your hotel, and with a “limited edition” from each advertiser, let’s say, a 5% discount on the purchase of one device for 20-26 thousand euros, then you will fully refund the costs of the “limited edition”. This is a closed club.

Author: Igor Romanyuk, publisher of the magazine "Azart"

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