The first chess and poker tournament will be held in Ukraine

The poker room PokerMatch and the Ukrainian Internet national chess team "Team Ukraine" are working together to organize a unique tournament in chess and poker "Game of Kings".

The competition will take place online from December 25 to 27. The poker tournament will be held at the PokerMatch, where the participants will show their skills first. Then a chess tournament will be held on a popular chess site.

It is not yet known how the winner will be determined. The organizers will announce this shortly. But it is known that anyone can take part. The champion of the tournament will receive 250,000 UAH in prize money.

The Game of Kings may become a permanent tournament in Ukraine. The famous Ukrainian chess player Natalya Zhukova - Honored Master of Sports of Ukraine, grandmaster and two-time European chess champion - became the Ambassador this year.

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