The first chess and poker tournament was held in Ukraine

The Game of Kings chess and poker tournament was held online from 25 to 27 December. For two days 847 athletes fought for 250,000 prize money. Grand master Alexander Shimanov became the winner of the tournament and earned 70,000 hryvnas. The victory in the chess stage gave him 100 points, and in the poker competition he added 5 more points.

The second and third places were taken by Valentin Deineka, the winner of the poker stage, and chess master Valery Sviridov. They received 42,500 prize money. In two stages, 11 athletes received prizes in total.

Grand master Natalia Zhukova became the tournament ambassador. She commented:

"I am glad that now chess players will play more poker. The collaboration between chess and poker must continue."

Igor Terebinov, Marketing Director of PokerMatch, said that the tournament is not just entertainment.

"It's a big part of life, giving you the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of a sports competition. We are glad to develop intellectual sports in the country in such joint projects".

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