Exhibition "Gaming Industry": feedback from participants

The results of the "Gaming Industry" exhibition were collected by Gamingpost.net. Most of the guests and exhibitors agree that Gaming Industry is only the first step in the development of the Ukrainian gambling market. The organizer of the exhibition, Igor Romanyuk, says that the players did not come here in large numbers.

“It's incredibly joyful to meet old friends. It's nice that practically the entire gambling market has retained itself for Ukraine in other regions and is now returning. Whatever the result, it is positive, because we are here today, we see these bright colors again. What I did not see here for myself is a massive gambling addict, which all politicians talk about. We hardly saw any players here. The player has lost the habit of playing tactile, land-based business. The question is not about not letting the player into the halls, but about where to find him,” - says Igor Romanyuk, organizer of the Gaming Industry exhibition and publisher of Azart and Grand Ante magazines.

The editor-in-chief of the Azart magazine, Larisa Semaka, stressed that the exhibition took place both thanks to the law on gambling and the regulator.

“The first impression when we came to the exhibition was“ we are at home ”. We are in what works, what really brought in income to the extent that allowed us to close several social issues that society did not know about. When the gambling business left, society made many discoveries for itself: how many problems we have. These questions were closed by the gambling business. So this is a big win. Thanks to the law, thanks to KRAIL, who did everything possible and impossible for the exhibition to take place. We are very grateful to our foreign partners for the credit of trust that they have shown to our state by arriving, showing the way to those who still have doubts. And this, too, is probably correct,” - says Larisa Semaka, editor-in-chief of the Azart magazine.

The head of KRAIL is also at the Gaming Industry exhibition. He told how further communication of the market with the regulator will take place.

“Now a lot of things are in a kind of information vacuum. We come to the ways of realizing communication. The market questions are, in fact, very adequate, relevant, and I hope that the answers were heard. If not, then I hope that communication mechanisms have been proposed. Therefore, let's hope that everything will work out because we are all doing one thing,” - says the head of KRAIL Ivan Rudy.

And the organizer of the exhibition, Valery Bely, explained what a symbol should become the first exhibition "Gaming Industry".

“The exhibition should become a symbol of a new direction that Ukraine is looking for to improve its position in the world, and above all to improve the position of its people. And when they say that the "Gaming Industry" is a loss for mothers, for wives it is not. You just need to know how to manage this market. As it is done in normal civilized countries. After all, we always emphasize that a civilized legal business should come to Ukraine, and not the one that existed before,” - says Valery Bely, organizer of the Gaming Industry exhibition.

There are many guests at the exhibition, everyone is active and asks a lot of questions - they tell them at the stands.

“There are a lot of questions, even more than answers. Therefore, people are very active at the exhibition, approach the counter, take an interest. We exchange contacts,” - says Ivan Surin, Marketing Director of Captain Slot Consulting.

Exhibition guests also pay attention to bright slots and new developments.

“I would like to draw your attention to slot machines. I would definitely like to note Novomatic at the entrance, which is quite well represented,” - says the guest of the exhibition Natalia.

Foreign participants of the exhibition are pleased with the opening of the Ukrainian gambling market. They brought their best equipment to the exhibition.

“We really enjoy being here. The Ukrainian market is just opening, we have high expectations. Previously, the Ukrainian market was very relevant. We expect him to become strong again. That is why we are looking forward to the exhibition and are very pleased with the exhibition,” - says Oskar Giralt, Development Director of Winsystem.

“We are very happy to be back in Ukraine, in Kyiv. The market is not new for us, very interesting, we believe. And we are very glad to be with you,” - says Alexander Moor, Development Director of Merkur Gaming.

“We see excellent equipment here, the best European manufacturers, from this point of view, of course, we like the exhibition. But it is not as large-scale as we are used to seeing our exhibitions. But this is only the first step,” - says Tamara Golubchik, Fan Game CEO.

Slot machines of the "Promatic" company are advertised by the People's Artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov.

"I invite everyone who has money, who has luck, who has success - just to relax. Come and play Pavlo Zibrov," -  says singer and showman Pavlo Zibrov.

And representatives of the EGT company expect clear rules of the game in the market from the Ukrainian government and the regulator.

“From the provider's side, we do not have enough information about the market requirements. We expect to see all technical regulations and other requirements for certification of our products. We are waiting for these decisions. We also see that large operators receive their licenses, the process is underway. We expect great interest in the product we offer, the EGT brand is very popular here, we have both presentations for land-based businesses and online games that can become very interesting for the Ukrainian market,” - says Irina Rusimova, Business Development Manager EGT.

At the exhibition, representatives of the authorities, MP Marian Zablotsky, came to see with their own eyes the modern slot machines.

“As a representative of the one who sets the rules for the gambling business, I came to get acquainted with what is on the market. After all, the gambling business in Ukraine was banned 12 years ago. Since that time, technologies have advanced very strongly. I can see how bright these gambling machines are, it is clear that they will be more attractive to the players. I look, study, what they mean, and what else we might have to regulate,” - says the People's Deputy of Ukraine Maryan Zablotskiy.

And experts emphasize that the exhibition is an opportunity not only to present their products but also to communicate in a narrow professional circle.

“The most important thing is that the exhibition took place. This is the first exhibition that marks the opening of the gambling market in Ukraine, the market is being launched. Manufacturers of equipment and services have the opportunity to meet for the first time in such a professional narrow format at the exhibition. Discuss issues, exchange opinions, offer your products and services. Undoubtedly, this is the most positive and positive step that will contribute to the development of a civilized gambling market in Ukraine,” - says Igor Makievsky, head of the All-Ukrainian Association of Employers in the Leisure and Entertainment Industry.

Participants address their gratitude to the organizers of the exhibition.

“I would like to thank the organizers of the Gaming Industry exhibition, who did their best, the organization is at an excellent level. For me, it feels like this exhibition did not have such a long pause. The organization is very good, the conditions are good for all visitors and participants, the atmosphere is excellent,” - says Dimitar Muchowski, CT Gaming Development Director.

“I congratulate everyone, this is a great event. It is important because it is important for a narrow circle of people. Nevertheless, this is an important story,” - says Boris Baum, First Deputy Advisory and Expert Council at KRAIL.

And Michael Boettcher, founder of Storm International, said the show went better than he expected.

“Everything is better than I expected, many international companies are represented at the exhibition, and they all came here for one simple reason - they believe in the future of gambling in Ukraine,” - says Michael Boettcher, founder of Storm International.


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